Nature is Taking its Toll

By Madison F.

Weather tends to be unpredictable. The winter storm Xanto struck many northern states this past week. In Green Bay, Wisconsin, the storm broke the record for the heaviest snow fall in April, and 2nd for the heaviest snowfall of all-time.
Wisconsin was not the only state effected. Below is what reported as "some of the top snow and ice reports from Xanto".

To help ensure safe travels during the snow, seven tips are given by the U.S.News:
  1. Drive slow and know your car's breaks
  2. Even with all-wheel drive you can still slide
  3. If possible don't stop, and when you do give yourself time
  4. Use snow tires or chains
  5. Be prepared for the worst
  6. Make sure the exhaust pipe is clear
  7. Make sure you can see

* For more winter tips on driving in the snow, check out "Winter Driving Tips: How to Stay Safe During Snow & Icy Weather Conditions"


The North wasn't the only ones to get hit hard. Tornadoes have been wreaking havoc through the South. Virginia declared a state of emergency. Louisiana and North Carolina had deaths, and a lot of damage occurred to Arkansas and many other states. People had been evacuated, saving lives, but some were still hurt. A mother was saved by the jaws of life, after being pinned under a tree that fell on her motor home.

Property was damaged.
Cars were flipped.
And houses were demolished.
With the possibility of unpredictable weather, and the start of tornado season, ensure that you are prepared with some type of emergency kit, automobile kit, and food storage. You never know when an evacuation will occur, your car will get stuck, or your house will be damaged.
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