No:  New Favorite Word

No: New Favorite Word

                                                                                             By Jeanette Vale

This is written to all the “Yes” people out there.  If you’re anything like me, you’ve said yes to others for years  and you’re tired and broke, plus the people who usually do the taking don’t mind if they do.  I give you permission to stop.

My new favorite word is “NO”.  

If you haven’t yet,  develop the guts to say it.   It immediately lays down a boundary line. 

Saying ‘no’ preserves your energy and you don’t have to put  on pants and leave the house to do something for someone you don’t wanna do.  This sounds selfish, but there comes a time when it is warranted.

This doesn’t do much for relationships. 

I take that back, the relationships thrive.  People develop respect when they are met with  a stone wall or boundary line.

 ‘No’ is simple.  

Let’s practice:

“Hey, can you lend me $200 bucks?”    “NO”. 

Very good.  Now let's shift this onto  world demands that are causing some of the emergencies we have to keep preparing for.  

“Do this”


“Do that”. 


“Do it or I’ll punish you”


There are 7.753 Billion of us (as of 2020).  That many people saying “no”  would stop ALL the drama.

Never negotiate with a wolf.  You think you get to keep your  life after submitting but you don’t.  We don’t.  

Can you imagine if all the tanks and caravans said 'no' to the few who gave the marching orders, the way some truckers said, “no’?

Ukraine would be fine.  We would be fine.  

The mess happening over there  has reached us.  Our gas and food prices will continue to rise.

I only speak for myself, but I sense game operators cuing up.   I feel very much like Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games.  In that movie, people's lives were something to be toyed with and snuffed out.  

So what do we do in the face of this tidal wave (effects of Russia’s war) coming upon us?  Are we ready?  Is it really possible to pretend nothing too horrible will happen?  A mistake the Ukrainians made.  Can we please throw out the normalcy bias and ask the hard questions?

What do I need to have in place for safety, food, shelter, warmth, and security?  Also,  pay attention to your inner gut and moral code.  You have a gut instinct that is trustworthy and worthy of trust.  It is worth saying that twice.   Pay attention  and listen.  It will steer you right.

If you don’t feel right about something, if it goes against your moral code, say no. Let the chips fall where they may.  Come Hell or high water, it is okay if the answer is no. 

Step on, prep on and practice in the mirror. “Noooo”.

Since we got drama on the planet, let's get ready.  Come visit us.


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Two Person

One person:

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