Our Mission

In 2007, Emergency Zone started as a family business, catering to our local Idaho community preparedness needs. Over a dozen years, we have expanded to become national experts in individual, family, school, corporate and community preparedness. Yet we have remained a close family run business. While our size has grown exponentially, our philosophy of treating our customers as local friends and neighbors has remained the same...our community has simply become the whole country, and even international. We want to help you, our neighbor, get prepared!

Meet the EZ Team

I have the Urban 4 Person because I felt it had everything I would need to sustain my family in an emergency. I also liked the color of the backpack because the black would blend in well, I also like the size of the backpack and that it has more storage space. – Tysen, Warehouse Crew Member
The Family Prep 2 Person is great for me because everything that's in it is important for whatever situation you are in. It can be a huge help. – Kaylee, Warehouse Crew Member
I have the Stealth Tactical Bug Out Bag because I don't mind hauling a little extra weight with a heavy duty kit. The backpack may not look flashy, but it's top-of-the-line with several hidden features (That's how the kit got its name). – Adam J, Creative Designer
I keep the Essentials Complete 72-Hour Kit at home because it includes a full range of survival items and tools but is still lightweight enough that I can see myself easily being able to carry and manage it while also carrying my toddler. – Chloe, Customer Service Manager
The Essentials Complete 72-Hour Kit is perfect for my family because it has all the basics that we would need in an emergency, a weather band radio, and a straw filter to provide plenty of water. – Adi Account Manager
The Urban 2 Person is perfect for my family as it has the basics we need, as well as a Dynamo Radio Flashlight that requires no batteries and has a USB port so we can charge our phone. – Adam F, Website Developer
I have the Essentials Complete 72- Hour Kit because it has all the essentials my family would need during an emergency. I have 4 little girls and I like that this kit is small and compact so it won't weigh us down. – Nitosha, Warehouse Manager
The Urban Survival Bug Out Bag was an easy choice for me. The kit has everything I will need in case of emergency, all packed up in an inconspicuous backpack. The backpack is comfortable to carry, and the kit is lightweight, so I won't have any issues taking it with me. – Melissa, Social Media Designer