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  • How to Prepare For a Hurricane or Tropical Storm
    June 10, 2020 Emergency Zone

    How to Prepare For a Hurricane or Tropical Storm

    Guest Writer: Rocio Espinoza In terms of property damage, floods by way of hurricanes and tropical storms are the most common forms of natural disasters in the United States. Floods can occur via torrential rains, rising water from rivers or...

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  • May 16, 2018 Emergency Zone

    Severe Storms Cause Havoc in the Northeastern States Claiming 5 Lives in May of 2018

    Storms have been wreaking havoc in the northeastern states in the United States of America. The storms took five lives, and caused a lot of destruction. 

    New York City encountered baseball sized hail during the thunderstorms, and thousands lost power. 

    The worst of the storms are over, but there is still a fear that flooding can occur. "The biggest threat for flooding will be from Virginia to...
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  • May 2, 2018 Emergency Zone

    Earth's Deadly Storms: Hurricanes

    What Should I Know?



    There are many factors that contribute to the creation of a hurricane. Hurricanes can vary in size and strength. This impacts the damage that occurs. National Geographic explains how hurricanes work: 


    Hurricanes are categorized by their wind speed. The higher the number, the greater the damage. The weather channel explains the categories and the damage they cause:



    Knowing what to...
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  • April 16, 2018 Emergency Zone

    Flooding: What You May or May Not Already Know

    With the beauty of Springtime, the deadliness of floods come. The snow starts melting, and spring storms start coming.
    Many places are already seeing the effects of these deadly floods.
    Kauai, Hawaii is in a state of emergency, and dealing with mudslides because of their flash floods. Below are pictures that depict the damages that occurred.

    Flooding happens, what should we do or not do during the...
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  • April 16, 2018 Emergency Zone

    Nature is Taking its Toll

    Weather tends to be unpredictable. The winter storm Xanto struck many northern states this past week. In Green Bay, Wisconsin, the storm broke the record for the heaviest snow fall in April, and 2nd for the heaviest snowfall of all-time.
    Wisconsin was not the only state effected. Below is what weather.com reported as "some of the top snow and ice reports from Xanto".

    To help ensure safe travels...
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  • February 20, 2018 Emergency Zone

    What Do Natural Disasters Mean for Me?

    Natural disasters have been around long before man. They are natural occurrences of the earth. Places flood. The earth shakes. There is nothing inherently wrong with these events until it disrupts life. Thousands of earthquakes aren’t felt, but they are there. Some happen in the middle of the ocean, so we don’t notice. One thing is for sure in life; there will always be uncertainty. Scientists are...
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