Your Dad Will Love These Survival Gear Gifts

By Ryan M.

What Dad doesn't love survival gear? Most do, and for a few reasons. . .

  1. Dad's want to feel like they are good protectors and providers. It's an instinct. Survival gear is a tool for a Dad to provide for and protect his family. What could make him happier than that?
  2. Dad's, even though they are adults, still have a little boy inside of them. Hot wheels and toy guns turned into real cars and firearms when they passed a certain age, but it all comes from the same desire to have "cool stuff."
  3. Dad's love survival gear because it gives them an excuse to go on a camp out or hike to test it out. They get to show their kids the great outdoors, and maybe even teach them a few things about how to camp and survive. 

So, here are some good items to give Dad for Father's Day:

1. Folding Shovel with Pick- Handy, compact, and just plain cool. Oh, and it comes with a compass at the bottom and the handle is a waterproof match container.

2. Multitool Pliers- High quality and highly useful, get him a few so he can store them in his car, desk, backpack, etc.

3. Rope- Every dad likes to know he's got some rope in the trunk in case he needs it. If you want to go even cooler, get him a lightweight but strong tow rope.

There are some ideas, but anything tool related would be great, too. Just remember Dad loves to protect and prepare his family, and there's plenty of gifts to help him do that!

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