7 Electronic-Free Ways to Entertain Your Kids When The Power Goes Out

7 Electronic-Free Ways to Entertain Your Kids When The Power Goes Out

by Brandon Hunt

Electronic entertainment is great. It’s at our finger-tips day and night.

The abundance of technology permeates every aspect of our lives. Practically every child has a phone or gaming device, of which it seems they spend more on than playing outside with friends.

There is a never ending stream of ads (encouraged by tech companies) telling us we must always have little black screens near us, or life would be dull.

Modern societies love technology; it makes life easier in many ways. But there is a tradeoff. For every laborious task we eliminate with machines, we also lose skills, knowledge, and connections with our natural world, our minds, our bodies.

So, what do the above observations have to do with entertaining your kids? 

Well, there is always the possibility that we could lose power, whether through nature or human failings. Are your kids ready to entertain themselves without their video games?

A Personal Observation

It may seem like I’m bashing on technology, and I don’t dispute the improvements to life that result from new advancements; however, anyone who prepares for future emergencies or disasters must also acknowledge that access to power will be limited or non-existent. 

In an extended emergency situation, with a lack of power, where your normal life routine is upset, it’s up to you to help your kids adapt to a temporary situation. look after the physical and mental well-being of your children. 

Having some entertainment, even in an unpleasant situation, helps relieve stress and gives your family something else to focus on.

Entertain Your Kids During An Emergency

No matter the situation, someone has to keep a clear head, meaning an adult. Children, by their nature, are reactionary, they are easily upset any time their routines or habits are disturbed. 

The ability to entertain your kids without tech gadgets is an indispensable tool you need to have prepared, in conjunction with other survival equipment. By refocusing your children's attention, you’ll help them deal with the unfamiliar and scary nature of an emergency (plus you’ll maintain your own sanity by keeping your kids calm). 

What better way to entertain your kids than through games? With a plethora of games at your disposal you just might create stronger bonds with your family. It’s possible your kids might have so much fun, they’ll want the power to go off more often.

Below are some ideas on what types of games you can stock up on, or learn (as in the case of outdoor games) that will entertain your family, not just in emergencies, but any time really. 

Also, we plan to go in depth on certain game ideas in separate posts, so keep watching, because we just might bring back some classics, or other games that have faded into the past.

Entertainment Ideas

You don’t always need a screen or gadget for entertainment. Supplement your emergency preparations with these suggestions to stave off boredom and anxiety.

  1. Board Games: Classics like Risk or Monopoly will consume many hours. How fun that is, well, that's up to you. Storing a few family favorites will help occupy minds and you’ll have some fun.
  2. Card Games: A lot of games exist for a simple deck of cards, not to mention the multiplicity of other card games out there.
  3. Physical/Athletic Games: All you need is enough space or good weather outside for these types of games. They are also great for expending energy and building up bodily strength and conditioning.
  4. Singing Games: Little kids might enjoy these more. But history and stories demonstrate the uplifting power of songs during times of trial.
  5. Quiet Games: When you need a little peace and quiet, pull these out to occupy your kids in a fun way.
  6. Bean Bag Games: Aside from Cornhole, plenty more bean bag games exist.
  7. Story Telling: A favorite since the earliest of days. Kids always love listening to stories.


Sometimes as we plan and prepare for possible emergencies, we overlook the importance of stress relief. There’s no doubt that a disastrous event ramps up stress levels. When the pressure is on, it can be easy for adults, who are dealing with a bad situation, to overlook the emotional resilience of their kids. 

Of course, the key to competently reacting to a sudden emergency is preparation. Taking the time to store up games for entertainment for down times, will relieve stress for everyone, and provide a feeling for children that everything will be okay — because Dad and Mom will make it all better.

Also, just having a variety of games on hand is a good alternative to the constant barrage of television shows, video games and cell phones. 

As mentioned before, look for further posts on our game and entertainment recommendations. And if you have other forms of entertainment you would like to share, please post it in the comments section.

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