13 Life-Saving Items to Keep in Your Car This Winter (and All Year)

13 Life-Saving Items to Keep in Your Car This Winter (and All Year)

Winter driving can be treacherous, especially if your car gets stuck in the snow and ice. If you find yourself stranded, these thirteen items can be life-savers until help arrives. 

Water: Water will literally save your life if you find yourself stranded. Avoid dehydration by keeping an emergency supply of water in your car.

Ice Scraper and Brush: Being able to see out your windows is crucial when driving. By having an ice scraper you will be able to better see out your windshield and other windows.

Warmth: If your car dies, so does your heater. In wintertime, this can be deadly. Hand warmers, blankets, hats, or extra clothing stored in your car will help you to stay warm. 

Shovel: A multi-use, collapsible shovel small enough to fit in your car can be a lifesaver if your car gets stuck. Our 12-in-1 shovel even includes a glass breaker, should you need to break a window to escape.

First Aid Kit: This is an item you ALWAYS want to keep in your car to ensure that you are prepared for all minor injuries that could occur.

Flashlight or Headlamp: Being able to see could mean the difference between being stranded or fixing the issue in your car. Have a flashlight that is rechargeable, or store extra batteries with it. If you have access to a radio as well that is even better. Also, consider a headlamp as this will give you the freedom to use both hands if needed.

Cell Phone Charger: If you have access to your phone, then odds are you will be able to call for help. Having a way to charge your battery can help you get that lifesaving help. To save space, consider the Dynamo Radio Flashlight, which fills the need of a flashlight, radio, and can also charge your phone.

Tow Rope: If you are stuck in the snow, a tow rope can allow another car to pull you out.

Kitty Litter, Sand, or Rock Salt. Snowy, icy roads can cause even the best tires to lose traction, and you may not be able to move forward. Placing kitty litter, sand, or rock salt around the tires can give you enough traction to get going again.

Tool Kit: Having access to a tool kit can help you solve the basic issues your car may have.

Spare Tire: No matter the time of year, make sure you have a spare tire in case you get a flat. It’s also a good idea to periodically check the spare tire pressure.

Chains: When the roads are particularly icy, putting chains on your tires will help you to keep traction on the road.

Jumper Cables: One common cause of vehicle stalling is a depleted battery, and the cold can drain your battery even more. By having jumper cables, and access to another car, you will be able to jump-start your car back to life.

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