10+ Things Mr. Darcy Recommends Adding to Your B.O.B.

10+ Things Mr. Darcy Recommends Adding to Your B.O.B.

                                                                                         By Jeanette Vale

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a kick ass B.O.B.

 That’s Bug Out Bag, thank you, and he doesn’t even need to be in possession of a good fortune!  Why, even Mr. Bingley, who only has 5000 pounds a year, would be able to acquire a B.O.B., as would that dastardly Wickham!

 Mr. Darcy was on the brain as I sat at my desk this morning.  What would he think of typing on a computer?  I’m sure it wouldn’t be nearly so odious as a handwritten letter using quill and ink.

  “Pray, tell your sister that I long to see her bug-out-bag”.

  “I have already told her so once, by your desire”.

  “Pray let her know that I am quite in raptures with how she personalized her Bug-out-bag”.

 “You will never be the Mistress of Pemberley”,  thinks Mr. Darcy, annoyed with Caroline Bingley’s interruptions and want of attention.

10+ Things Mr. Darcy Recommends Adding to your 
1. A thin warm coat
2. Matches & Lighter (A flint is included. Three ways to start fire is wise)
3. Solar Panel to charge cell phone 
4. Medications/Glasses/contacts w/solution & case
5. Lip balm/sunscreen/deodorant/dental floss
6. Self defense items 
7. Hat/Sunglasses/bandana
8. Important documents
9. Sleeping pad
10. Printed map, family evacuation options, list of phone numbers.
11. Favorite photos in sealed bag (in case phone meets demise)
12. Cash/ bank cards/barter items
13. Religious material/tokens
14. Backpack trowel - light plastic, but heavy duty

And number 15….

This one is for the ladies….

Elizabeth Bennet is talking to you Mr. Darcy….


Gentlemen, you need not worry yourselves as to what this is exactly, or how it works.  Rest assured your lady will know.   It is a space saver, money saver and reusable. I will end on that awkward note.  Mr. Darcy is behaving in a more gentlemanlike manner and has fled the conversation.


Step on, prep on and enjoy stuffing your stealth bag.


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Belinda Bringhurst - March 10, 2022

Oh my gosh that had me laughing! I will forsooth go and check my bag for these products.

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