The Number One Lie That is Costing You Millions

The Number One Lie That is Costing You Millions

If you had a million bucks, what would you do with it?  Wait,  a million bucks is chump change.  Ten million.  I would build residual systems in nature.  A permaculture that fed everything on it, including me.  And then invest money to grow in other ways.  I did it so wrong from my youth up!

Illustrator Gibrael ‘Aziby’ Dias Sores Carocho /  Tropical Permaculture Guidebook 

Our education system pumps out kids that, by age eighteen, can’t launch.  And when they do it’s a violent scene.  A twin mattress goes flying out the front door with boxes of clothing  next, and lastly the angry adult-child is skid-faced and ass up. 

Why aren’t we rich?  Why is the transition to adulthood shocking?  We don’t know how to save money to prepare for the launch.  We don’t know what we want to be if we grow up.  And then, boom, we’re grown and we find ourselves on the lawn with our things.

Then there is chapter two.  The adult child moving back in years later.  Ahem.  I have no personal experience with this. 

Okay, I might.

Well this blog is the third in a series that I haphazardly began.  In previous writ,  I bore my soul and demons.  So if you’re still with me, you are brave, or bored.  Either way, thank you for your companionship, silent friends.  

I don’t think my boss  reads my stuff anymore.  He knows I trend personal with  a side of cringe.  But the click rates do well so he leaves me to it.   I am a prepper and I’ve got lots to say.  Here we go.  Part Three.

How is your lie/sentence costing you millions of dollars?  
Because this is affecting your prepping. 

If you are unfamiliar with what I am talking about please read blog 2.  I don’t think blog 1 is worth the time, I was just shootin’ from the hip, and now we’re down the rabbit hole.  But Blog 2 is the second greatest message I can give the world.  So I hope you read it a few times.

I am in the green personality quadrant.  When I share my personal story in a sec, ONLY the other greens are going to understand my kind of drunk.  You folks in the other three quadrants may have a disconnect.  But I’ve got to say this:  People in the other three groups do the rigamaroll, but in their own style.  

This lie / Sentence is costing us and will cost us millions of dollars.  Let me show you the math and mayhem.

I stepped into a restaurant.  It had many tables, yet no other customers came in.  I sat down and ordered from the menu.  I was so grateful to be out of the hot sun and with a table for my paperwork.  I ate and later the dishes were cleared.  I pulled out my papers and began studying.  Then I got a twinge of …..what…guilt?  That is not the right word.

I felt like the staff wanted me to leave.  I was taking up space.   I was a trouble to them.  Was this even true?  No.  Not a whit.  

This was my sentence talking.  “I am no good”.   This leads to, no one wants me around and a plethora of other lies.   This is the hum in my brain.  No, I am not crazy. I am normal.  We actually all do this.

So, to compensate, I ordered a dessert.  This would communicate that I was worth their time to let me stay for a while.  I did not want that dessert.  I was full.  I forced it down.  I felt depressed for doing this.

And even after I finished it, I felt guilty for still wanting to sit there.  So I actually packed up and left!  Yeah….

MAYHEM.  Total lunacy on the green supporter level!


Cost of the unwanted dessert: $7

The calories I did not want:  450 calories

The effect of sugar to my health:  I am unable to calculate.

My sentence  did this damage in just one hour! 


The sentence is running me all day, but let’s say I do this three times a day, in one form or another. (yes, I do.  WE do).

In one year:

$7,665 dollars I did not want to spend.

492,750 Calories I did not need to eat.

Sugar’s effect on my bones/organs: calculation unknown.

In ten years:

$76,650 dollars I could’ve paid toward a mortgage. 

4,927,500 calories that I had to lug around on my body.

Sugar depleting my bone calcium, fuzzing my brain, closing in on diabetes.

In a life span of eighty  years

$613,200 dollars that could’ve been invested to make more money, or at least buy me a gold-laden casket.

39,420,000 calories that I have spent thousands of dollars on new clothes to cover.

Health problems, hospitalization, pharmaceuticals. Hindered mobility. Poor quality of life and early death.

I didn’t mention the toll this lie/sentence takes on human relations!    

This sentence is devastating.  It is the elephant in the room that breaks both furniture and family.


Well, that was depressing.  I feel like jump off a cliff now.  How are you doing?

Shake it off.  Get up and dance.  

My numbers did not show this going into the millions.  But they do go into the millions.  Test it out in your life.  When you feel crummy, record your actions  to ‘cover’ it or alter your state.  How much money do you spend trying to feel better?  

When the lie/sentence is taken out, we actually think differently.  Doors of opportunity appear and open to us.  Incomes increase.  We can go from a deadening job to a vibrant career.   I am actually describing my path.  I am speaking from first hand experience. 

I invite you to find your sentence.  I don’t own the intellectual rights to the process, so how I was going to finalize this knowledge and give it to the world is left on the table.  (never shoot from the hip when starting a blog series).


HOWEVER, where there is a will, there is a way.  Frank is still in my digital rolodex.  In fact, he IM’d me two days ago with another deep question.  He is always solving life.  He may be available to help, he is the owner and has spent years getting the feedback chain polished.  

If anyone has luck with getting to their sentence without the therapy, I’d love to hear from you.  

Because, guess who has the answers inside?  You do!    

In Conclusion

In part one we are reminded to start with the brain.  We have a new year ahead of us.  There are so many area's of life to clean up.  But if you hack the brain and look at sentences you utilize, your greatest power and movement will come from cleaning those up!

In part two We were introduced to the concept that we have one sentence that we adopted that is not true, but we believe it 100%.  When we take that one sentence out a significant shift can occur!

In part three  We look at the math and the mayhem and how that sentence is costing us, and not just in finances!  This shows a painful picture of compounding chaos over an eighty year period.  Pain can move us to change!

We wish you a great year this 2023!  Thank you for being a part of our family.



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