The Number One Focal Point That Determines Goal Success!

The Number One Focal Point That Determines Goal Success!

                                                                                        By Jeanette Vale

Can I invent a “New-Year-Fairy”?    I want her to grant me a wish.  I wish to never gain weight!  Also, I wish that if I gain muscle or athletic skill,  it’s mine to keep.  It does not diminish.    I can eat num-nums like a Greek Goddess while looking fabulous in a white dress. 

Is that too much to ask?!  Apparently, it is too much to ask, because real life is an uphill climb (while barefoot in the snow–BW’s).

Here at Emergency Zone we have four pillars of being prepared.  You can read about them in our guide book, an excellent resource in getting your family prepared for emergencies.  

One of those pillars is fitness.  Yeah…the dreaded “F” word.  Good health must be worked at diligently and it’s a real thorn in the side when it eludes us.

I am jealous yet impressed by those who fight this battle and keep winning.  Kudos to you!  Tell us below of your number one tip that keeps you on top of this.  I’d like to hear from at least three customers. Go ahead and inspire us!


Do you know what stops me dead in my tracks?  Old sentences.  You know the ones; they sound like this:

This is too hard, I am never going to lose this weight.

I’m not able

I’m no good

I’m too broke

If only I had her genes or metabolic rocket boosters!

And the list goes on.

These sentences are more powerful than two-hundred tornados!   They are deeply embedded in our subconscious.  They are so stubborn, that we easily let decades go by while allowing them to run the conveyor belt.  Predictably, the same reality keeps showing up.   

It is 2023, I’m halfway to 100.  I hear myself saying, “why am I still here (in whatever stagnant place I’ve been in since 2016)?!”  Well honey, it’s because of your sentences.  Stop dawdling, get to work.  These sentences don’t leave of their own accord.  If, in eighty years you haven’t worked them out, then you still have them”.   

The number one focal point that determines goal success is this:  The brain!  You have got to hack your brain, find out your specific sentences and manage them until they are wilted!  At the same time, replacing them with powerful new sentences.

These old sentences are like a big rubber band.   You can walk, run, or hide, but sooner or later, that rubber band pulls you back into old patterns. You have got to manage the sentences until they lose their elasticity.     

Once these are wilted and dead(ish),  your new sentences--on a conveyor belt will predictably serve up a new life.  The one you want to live in.  That’s pretty exciting.  The sky's the limit.  You can make anything you want with your life.

Giving this advice is so easy!  I'd repeat the joke, "Take my advice, I'm not using it!"  But I have been striving to use it.

I have a lot of trauma and joy from fighting my sentences!  I did some interesting work in 2017.  I will give a deeper report in a following blog or two because the breakthroughs were significant and share-worthy.  This blog is to inspire others to get to a place of strength.  To be ready for anything.  I think sharing the journey would be appropriate.


I found a Youtube star named Mel Robbins.  She teaches simple things to help get you right.  After listening to her yesterday, I wrote several sentences  that have kept me locked in the I-Give-Up-Club.  I wanted to delve deeper into them when I got home.

Before bed I pulled them out of my back pack and as I began to read them I had a revulsion go through me.  The revulsion had a voice.  It asked, “WHY do you need to look at these negative sentences again?”

That’s a good question.   Just because Robbins said I should, doesn’t mean I have to.  My instinct was telling me to do something else.  

I crumpled the page and grabbed a lighter.  I stood out in the snow and caught the ball on fire.  It felt good to see those negative sentences go up in flames.


Well, then what?  Surely burning them doesn’t make them go away.

This is true, but I’ve worked on my sentences before, so I actually know them. They're old friends that I don't even like being with.  I didn’t need to see them again.   

What I felt like doing was writing out the new sentences.  The good ones.  The powerful ones.  And so I began.  Moments later....


Magic, light, sparkles, gratitude, hope, faith, love, excitement for my future began dancing around and bouncing off the walls.

Writing new sentences shifted something!

Am I out of the woods?  Does this mean I’ve got my stuff together?  Will I melt down into that Greek vision?  It's possible.  But incrementally, more light is coming in and behaviors that don’t serve me are graciously shown the door.

"Ta-ta my old darlings.  It's time for you to go.  Don't bother coming back.  It's been real!"

If they do come back for a visit I will recognize them faster and begin the wilting process sooner.


Let’s go on a journey of discovering a feedback chain.    This is a tool I learned in 2017.  The feedback chain helps you identify the one master sentence.  If you can starve that one off, the other sentences wilt like my tomato plants did while I was on Christmas vacation.

We sell a great emergency preparedness kit!  Come visit us!

Fitness tips we cover in our guidebook are: Mentally, Financially, Emotionally, and Physically

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