36 Hour Emergency Candle

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Candles are one of those emergency staples you need to have in your storage. They may not have the brilliance of a tactical flashlight, but they are useful and have a long shelf life. With the 36 Hour Survival Candle you won’t need to store a dozen candles. A single container holds three wicks in a special wax combination, with each wick possessing a 12 hr burn, or possibly longer. The long burn time is achieved by layering a base of palm wax with a top layer of soy wax. 


Compact Metal Container: The container reduces spillage of melted wax. The container is compact and durable, taking up little space.

Burn Time: Because of a specific combination of waxes and the use of three wicks, an extremely long, slow burn time is achieved. Each wick burns up to 12 hours for a total of 36 hours (possible longer burn time).

Wax: Palm wax and soy wax are used for making the candle. Both waxes burn longer than traditional paraffin wax and release less soot.

HeatYou might not think this candle will put out a lot of heat, but if your power is out, every little source of heat counts.


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