2L Hydration Bladder

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Are you tired of embarrassing leaks while you're hiking on the trail? Or unsightly dribbles from your chin as you bike around town? If so, then say goodbye to those leaky days, those days of swigging from a water bottle while on the go, resulting in embarrassing wet spots. Stay active and confident with our hands-free hydration bladder. Our hydration system carries a full 2L of water, allowing you to stay hydrated, and dry, no matter the activity. The water bladder is perfect for emergency preparation and other outdoor ventures. Make it a part of your Go-Bag or any survival kit. 


Minimalist Design: Yeah, that’s right. We’re proud to go minimalist. In fact, we’re so minimalist we just give you the water bladder and drinking hose. What? You think you need more? Other brands brag about the bells and whistles their bladders have. Our hydration bladder is simple, straightforward, and just what you want as part of your survival kit. Do you really need a hydration system that can curl your hair? Or do you want to Survive? Shove our hydration bladder in your pack and go! All you need is one sip from our water system and you’ll be ready to survive any emergency. 

Capacity: This bladder carries a full 2L of water, and can hold it. Our water bladder is sealed tight, preventing any sort of leakage. Nobody wants a leaky bladder.

Universal: Again, this goes back to our minimalist design. The hydration bladder will fit in any pack that is designed to carry hydration systems

Protection: Because of how hydration bladders are sealed, your water is protected from outside contaminants. Your water will stay as clean and pure as the day you filled it from your water tap, or hose, or mountain stream, or…..wherever else. Since the drinking hose ends in a bite valve you don’t have to worry about particles getting inside and making your water dirty.

Technical Specs



Length: 13 in

Width: 61/2 in

Weight: 3.7 oz

Capacity: 2L