• Children’s Personal Compact Basic Survival Kit - Emergency Zone

    Children’s Personal Compact Basic Survival Kit

    Remember when your child lost their favorite toy? Remember when you forgot the diaper bag? Every parent knows the feeling when they find themselves...

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What People Are Saying:

"I’m very satisfied with my purchase which was the survival kit for a family of 4. Bags were nicely packaged and sturdy. I also liked the extra pockets and space to add any more personal items. Great purchase!"


Family Prep Survival Kit | 03 JUN, 2020

Peace of mind
"I had to save up for this, but now I truly have peace of mind knowing we have something to grab. The packs are good quality and you have enough room to add a few emergency pieces of clothing. We were displaced during the campfire and had just come home from a trip. In an emergency your brain shuts down, and you can’t think clearly. They have done the thinking for you. Grab and flee!

Dustie U.

Essentials Complete 72-Hour Kit | 04 OCT, 2020

Perfect for the kids
"These kits are absolutely perfect. We got one for each of our kids. It feels great to have an emergency bag just in case."

Ashley B.

Keep-Me-Safe Survival Kit | 18 DEC, 2020