The Top 25 Crucial Barter Items Inspired by Venezuela

The Top 25 Crucial Barter Items Inspired by Venezuela

by Brandon Hunt


One of the fallacies we’re good at living with is believing everything will continue as normal. Even though we know that is not the case. We’re masters of ignoring unpleasant thoughts.

Yet, our problem is that we continue to think our “normal” will continue to go on….like forever.

Have you noticed the patterns yet? The patterns by which all cultures and nations follow. The patterns where a nation rises to its zenith, and then falls.

Here are some of the patterns nations that contribute to a nations demise: wars, excessive government spending, inflation, taxes, rising gas prices, imminent food shortages…and more.


A Very Brief Glimpse

But you know what? We’re just not very good at learning from history.

50 years ago life was great in Venezuela. They were a top country and blessed with abundant natural resources, particularly oil, and they had a thriving economy. 

Life was good. Venezuelans enjoyed plenty of food, employment, and low gas prices

And all it took  were a few bad people, with a few bad ideas, and the means to implement them.


Old News New Again

Not many years ago tons of people were drooling over the Venezuelan social experiment that was happening. It was held up as a model of socialism. Big names like Berny Sanders and Sean Penn were giddy with excitement, and hung out with their pal, Hugo Chavez.

However, things change. Venezuela went from riches to poverty in a matter of a few years. 

No one talks about Venezuela now. I don’t hear anybody currently discussing the parallels between what happened to Venezuela and what is happening now to the U.S.

I haven’t heard of old man Berny, or the washed up Sean Penn, returning to Venezuela lately. Have you? How are they helping the starving masses?

Inflation has wrecked the Venezuelan economy. Their currency is completely worthless.

So now people have turned to bartering to get what they need to avoid starvation. 

Venezuela is one country that has slipped into the history books…or rather hasn’t even been included. They’ve just been forgotten about.


Are we next?

I look at what is happening; I listen to what people around me are saying; I read articles online; I occasionally listen to news sources, but… 

My gut, my intuition…or whatever you want to call it…tells me we can only continue in the same manner for so long.

The consequences of decisions and our actions will catch up to us. 

I feel I can safely say, if you haven’t adopted a preparedness lifestyle, you may wish you had.


If We Go The Way of Venezuela

So, if we go the same way as Venezuela, bartering will make a come back

In order to be a master barterer (is that a thing? I’m sure a gamer would know) you’re going to need items people will want. But you also need enough items you can trade without hurting yourself.

You don’t want to be that guy surrounded by stacks of toilet paper who says, “ Ooops. I guess I should have kept some food for myself.”


Useful Bartering Items:

–Dry goods

–Vegetable (heirloom) seeds

–Food (you can afford to trade)


–Manual tools

–Pet supplies

–Clothing (like socks)





–Fishing/hunting supplies

–Plastic bags

–Duct tape

–Hygiene products

–Flashlights, batteries, candles

–Toilet paper, baby wipes, diapers



–Feminine hygiene



–Herbs/medicinal herbs

–Entertainment items



I Hope it Doesn’t Happen, But…

There are so many cogs that keep a nation moving, I think we should expect impending hardships, because it appears many of those cogs are breaking down.

And if life gets extraordinarily difficult, like a financial collapse, then bartering and trading items will be the way to get what you need.

I sincerely hope we don’t go the way of Venezuela, even though it appears we’re already on the path.

The best recommendation I can give is to look over the list above to get ideas, and start stocking up on items you can trade. 

It’s better to be prepared for an emergency, and never experience one, rather than be unprepared when you really need it.

Despite all that is happening, such as the tightening budget on families, time remains for people to stock up on supplies before the next disaster.

So, good look, plan well, and remember…we’ve got what you need to help you survive.

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