The Magnificent Chicken

The Magnificent Chicken

                                                                                                    By Jeanette Vale

My chickens run across the yard when they see me step out of my car at the end of the day.  They resemble tiny dinosaurs.  I feel like Chris Pratt in a Jurassic Park Movie.   They love me.

We  both know they want food, but I’m going to keep pretending it’s love.  Can your dog, cat or horse even measure up to the magnificent chicken?



Chi Ken Coopton

123 Cross the Road

Kentucky Fried 40475

Egg Production - Cluck and squawk daily  as I pass an egg out of my bottom.  Egg must be valuable; hoomans keep taking them.   Able to make soft baby chicks in these eggs when the hoomans  give it  a chance. Raise the baby chicks and teach them my pecking moves.   I have great consistency and on time performance in egg production.

Kitchen Scrap  Consume all of the scraps and junk the hoomans don’t want, yet paid good money for.   As payment I give the hoomans perfect eggs.  If they throw me wilted veggies, or fruits, I eat.    If they give me freezer burned meat, I eat.  Bad grains with weevils?  I eat.  What they throw to me, I pay out in nutritious protein rich eggs.  Dog, cat, or horse unable to duplicate this feat.

Family Pet - I can be  a family pet.  I run to the hoomans.  I am held and hugged.  I am talked to.  I am petted.  I hear all their problems.  I am a therapy fowl.

Pest Management - I eat bugs. I eat mice.  I eat weeds.  The so-called, “loyal dog” doesn’t do any of that.  Rumor on the farm is he lays a particular egg that the farmer won’t eat nor feed to his family.  And if the farmer steps on the brown egg, it’s not pretty.     The youngest hooman has to gather them up and then throws ‘em straight in the trash!  Waste of money, if you ask me.

Manure- I make manure for garden.  Garden produces hundreds of other foods. You’re welcome.

Meat - Sadly, I become a menu item.    Kung Pao, Orange, or General Tso’ chicken.  I am fried, grilled, breaded, or made into strips. I am versatile and  very popular on the menu!  You can’t do that with a cat, dog or horse. Well, you can but you’ll get in trouble.

Skills:  I can be carried in a pet backpack. 

I’m light, and small….. and that is all.  


Culling the Birds

It has been very sad to hear about the  killing of millions of chickens across the nation under the name of “safety”.

US egg factory roasts alive 5.3m chickens in avian flu cull – then fires almost every worker

Read Article 

No, New Favorite Word 

I give as much credit to the bird flu being an organic illness  as I give to Covid-19 being the same.  By organic I mean naturally occurring, vs. the bio-terrorism sort.  I think they are both part of the RESET that Klaus Schwab, Founder of the World Economic Forum,  speaks about.  

Covid-19 took both family and friends from me.  I’m numb at the wealthy elite who are pulling these strings and now talk openly about population control and doing this Covid-19 RESET over the globe. 

Poor chickens, poor us.  I hope for strength in the coming days.

It’s getting crazy on this planet.  Time to stock up on some food.  Come in and see our Legacy freeze dried meals.

Step on, prep on and enjoy some shelf stable foods
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