Choosing a Portable Stove for Emergencies

Choosing a Portable Stove for Emergencies
By Ryan M.

There are tons of articles written about which portable camp stove to choose for your hiking and camping needs. Hikers have plenty of websites to help them get the gear they need. What about those of us that just need something to cook our food storage in emergencies, but don't know what to get? Cooking solutions for emergency situations are similar to hiking and camping cooking solutions. In an emergency you may need to pack up your portable camp stove and take it wherever you're heading, just like a hiker would do. However, depending on which type you are looking at, camp stoves can be complicated, dangerous and expensive. A lot of gas and liquid fueled stoves, for example, cost more than $100. If you're not going to use it a lot, that probably isn't worth it. In addition to being costly, they are less effective in cold weather. As temperatures approach freezing, the gas doesn't flow as well and you lose heat. Also, gas canisters can be a safety hazard. You have to be careful when using windscreens and large pans, or else the canister can explode from overheating.

Don't worry, there's good news! For those of us who need an affordable, reliable and safe stove there are many out there that don't use compressed gas or liquid fuel, lowering the cost considerably. They may not boil water as fast, but in a survival situation they are reliable, safe, and won't break your bank. I've compiled a list of inexpensive yet portable stoves that Emergency Zone offers. This list doesn't include every type of stove. For example, I chose not to include alcohol stoves, even though they are a very lightweight and affordable option. They don't put out as much heat, but if you're interested here's how to make one of the several kind that are out there.

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Folding Stove (Uses solid fuel tablets)
Folding Stove
Pros: Light, Small, inexpensive
Cons: Not ideal for larger pots, requires windscreen
Buy solid fuel tablets here.

Box Stove (Uses solid fuel, fire discs or wood)
Box Stove
Pros: Holds heavy pots, no windscreen required
Cons: Bulkier than others
Buy fire discs here.

Fold Flat Aluminum Stove (Can use wood, charcoal, gas/liquid canister or StableHeat)
Fold Flat Aluminum Camp StoveFolded Flat Aluminum Camp Stove
Pros: No windscreen required, can use multiple fuel types, folds flat, lightweight aluminum
Cons: Can't adjust height

Backpack Stove (Uses solid fuel tablets)
Backpack Camp StoveUnassembled Backpack Camp Stove
Pros: Light, extremely thin
Cons: Requires wind screen

Bottom Line
If you want to throw a stove into your emergency kit these are great portable stoves to consider. You don't have to spend serious money to be prepared! There are reliable and affordable options out there.

Portable Camp Stove Cooking
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