When Being in the Right Place at the Right Time Goes Viral

When Being in the Right Place at the Right Time Goes Viral

                                                                                              By Jeanette Vale

Father Winter has finally released it's grip!   Gone are the dark skies and frozen windshields.  We were weary of it, quite the downer.

Today the sun is out.  It is 70 degrees.  It’s time to hit some hiking trails and build cardiovascular health!  In an emergency we will need our strength.  Just look at this story!

The Go-Pro video that went viral last week was intense!  Did you see it?  I’ll give you a breakdown. 

A fellow named Francis Zuber was out skiing among trees and caught sight of a snowboard jutting out of the snow. It is a good thing they paint those boards with bright colors!

Francis did a double take!  

Yes!  That is a snowboard!  And then it wriggled!  There was a human attached to it!  

These folks who snow-sport in the back country go through training so they understand the dangers of it.  I had no idea what a tree well was.  But it is deadly when you fall into one and there is no one to find you.  Well, they find you, but it’s in the Spring.  

A tree well has the same effect as being buried in an avalanche.  You have snow tightly packed around your face.  You have roughly fifteen minutes (or less)  before you fully suffocate.  

Francis knew that this snowboarder was in deep trouble!   It took so much physical exertion to close the distance before he reached the snowboard.  You can hear Francis (Who is young and healthy) breathing hard.  He was trying to walk sideways with his skis on.

He grabs the snowboard and there is no human visible.  This victim is fully buried!  Francis wiggles the snowboard and persons leg back and forth to let the victim know that he has been found and rescue is happening.  

It will rip your heart out to watch this rescue!

He starts digging frantically to find the victim’s face.  Again, the exertion and cardiovascular stress to do this was incredible.  We have got to be in great physical shape to rescue ourselves and others! 

Take my advice, I’m not using it.

If I were the rescuer in this scenario, there would be found, in the Springtime - two dead bodies.  The second one clutching her chest.

Anywhoooo….Francis is digging like a mad dog and finally sweeps snow away from some goggles and then he clears the mouth!  The man inhales!  Heck!  We all inhale!  Millions of us across the globe.

I’m crying, you’re crying. We’re all crying!  All is good and right in the world!  He is saved!

And then Francis pulls something off of his backpack and assembles it…..Check this out!

He had a shovel on him!  I love it when a plan comes together! 

Be prepared!  

Francis knew the dangers of his sport and he packed accordingly.

The Victim - Steiger, was also educated on the dangers and a well-seasoned veteran of the sport. He too was prepared–but sometimes things still go horribly wrong.  The snow made it impossible for him to move any part of his body!  He was encased in cold blackness and had just minutes to live.

What a miracle Francis panned his eyes to the left to see that small section of snowboard.

Let’s be ready!  We have a lot of small but effective tools that  fit in your bag!

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