3 Perfect Recipes From Simple Food Storage 2 of 3

3 Perfect Recipes From Simple Food Storage 2 of 3

Last night I watched Tabitha Brown (Vegan chef and actress) eat a vegan TTLA at Whole Foods, in 2017, as she vlogged about it.  The video went viral.    That night, 25,000 people saw her eat that sandwich.  The next morning that number doubled to 50,000 views. In fact, she didn't even use the right acronym for the sandwich she was gushing about.  

Everyone ran to Whole Foods to eat a TTLA.  (Tempeh-bacon, Tomato, Lettuce, & Avocado). Because she was so charismatic (by being her true self),  the food chain reached out offering her to be a spokesperson for the company and  changed the name of the sandwich to how she pronounced it.  Dang!  That's what I call influence!  

Guess what I want to do!  Eat one of dem sandwiches--I know I am late to the game, its almost 2023 and I only now heard of this.

Whole Foods is over an hour away and it's snowing!   It's time to do a copy cat cook show people!

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That was our commercial break...Let's talk about BACON.  

Jim Gaffigan asks, "do you know what bacon makes me thirsty for?  More bacon".

I agree with you Jim.  I love bacon...but there is always this back-burner-thought about the animals.  I actually live near a hog butcher.  When I'm out for a walk I hear the pigs screaming.  It is very upsetting.   

My friend assures me that the pigs put up a fuss when being unloaded from the truck. Yeah,  I hope that's true.  I hope when they die they are lulled to sleep softly with a lolly-pop in their mouth.  Somehow, I doubt it.

We kill too much.  We throw too much of it into the trash after we've stuffed ourselves. 

Once in a while, It's nice to flex towards the plant kingdom and create amazing cuisine,  give the animals a break.

The vegan world says, "here, taste this!".  And oft times the substitute makes me even happier.

 Is cooking vegetarian/vegan a lot of work?  Yes, it is.  But it doesn't have to be.  Just streamline things.


Photograph by Miriam Sorell Click here for her recipe of Tempeh

So let's do this!  

Who has tempeh on hand?  It does not qualify as simple food storage.  But I am featuring this anyway because I feel my life changing! Okay?

It is twenty four hours since typing the last paragraph.  I went to the store and bought the necessary items.  I cooked them up.  I filmed it, then, ate it. 

I better get over to Whole Foods and try the genuine article.  Sometimes the Lord blesses my food, and sometimes he doesn't.  It was pretty meh.  This sandwich did not change my life.  Sigh.  I so needed a change!   

Let's just roll the film....Okay, at the time of this publishing, I must admit, you still don't have access to my filming of the sandwich because I can't get it downloaded (grrr).  So...check back here in a bit to see it.  For now....

Here's more fun and background to a cool story:


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