10 Gifts for your Prepper Loved Ones

By Ryan M.
One of the wedding gifts my wife and use most (besides Target gift cards that we somehow still haven't used up) was a first aid kit. It's not flashy, but it's darn useful, and sometimes that says more than flashiness. When it comes to preppers, outdoorsmen, or just men in general, useful presents are particularly appreciated. Have a man or prepper in your long list of friends, coworkers, and in-laws? You'll find something for them in your price range here. There's even some stocking stuffers, so here's the list!

1. Urban Survival Bug Out Bag- Has a discreet black backpack for blending in when chaos hits the streets. Includes food, water, radio, hygiene supplies, etc. 

2. Family Prep Survival Kit- Besides being bright red (to stick out to search and rescue), this one is similar to the urban bag. Instead of water purification it has some more tools and also hand warmers. 

3. Fire Bracelet- Paracord bracelets are both in style and useful, especially when it comes with a survival whistle and flint striker built into the buckle!

4. Redo Hand Warmers- If you live in a cold climate these are a must have. Simply snap a disc inside the pack and the chemical inside gets toasty warm. When it's done (up to 1 hour later) simply stick it in hot or boiling water and let it cool to reuse it!

5. 5 Gallon Bucket Toilet Seat-
This toilet seat can snap onto most 5-gallon buckets to turn it into a toilet. Great for camping, hunting, and emergency preparedness!

6. HeatStore Blanket- Better than a regular space (mylar) blanket, this emergency blanket is actually durable. Reuse it without worrying about tearing it. Thanks to it's dual layer technology, it reflects heat on one side and absorbs it on the other. In winter use the shiny side on the inside to stay warm and in summer make it into a tent with the reflective side facing out to stay cool! 

7. ThermaSave Blanket-
Similar to the HeatStore blanket with the same dual layer technology, this blanket is slightly thinner for easier packing, but is still thicker and more durable than traditional space blankets. Makes a perfect stocking stuffer! 

8. First Aid Kit- 118 pieces including bandages, nitrile gloves, CPR mask, tape, tweezers, scissors, cleansing wipes, and more. It can easily fit in a desk drawer, glove box, or backpack. You'll use it more than you think!
9. Tactical Flashlight- Camping, hiking, cave exploring, power outages, car safety, these are all usages for flashlights. Make it an Emergency Zone Tactical Flashlight and you'll have an S.O.S. and also attack mode with a CREE LED that's brighter than most others out there.

10. Stealth Tactical Bug-Out Bag- Designed for the truly hard core. The bag itself is amazing, not to mention all the tools and supplies that are inside. Did I mention that it comes with a 2 person tent pole tent that rolls up and comes inside? 

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