Three Strong Earthquakes Shake the Pacific on May 1st 2018

By Madison F. 
Fiji Was Hit
On May 1st, Fiji endured three separate earthquakes. The first was that occurred was 64 miles from Lautoka Fiji, and it was rated as a 5.2 on the Richter scale. The second was 154 miles from Fiji, and it measured in at a 5.9. The third occurred about 10 minutes after the second and it was 157 miles from Fiji, measuring in at a 4.7.
What Should I Know?
Earthquakes are rated on the Richter scale. This scale depicts the earthquakes energy, which gives an idea of the damage it can cause. Below is a video of Bill Nye the Science Guy explaining how the Richter scale works:


How do earthquakes work anyways? What is an earthquake? National Geographic explains it all:

How Do I Stay Safe?
Earthquakes are natural disasters, and they can't be stopped. Keeping your family safe is key. When a disaster arises, it can be scary, and being unprepared can be deadly, FEMA tells us what exactly to do.


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