Emergency Zone

  • October 18, 2018 Emergency Zone

    International Great Shakeout 2018

    Emergency Zone employees participated in the international Great ShakeOut earthquake drills today. Every day here is an emergency preparedness day as we build kits, educate, and spread awareness. We were proud to participate in this global event.

    In honor of ShakeOut's 10th anniversary, EmergencyZone.com is having a week long sale! Buy ANYsurvival kit and get an Emergency Zone Personal Earthquake...
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  • September 21, 2018 Emergency Zone

    Why Recent Disasters in Japan Spells Trouble for Us All

    Whether you believe that climate change is caused by man or naturally occurring, it's hard to deny the earth is getting hotter. 

    George Tselioudisa researcher at NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, predicts that temperatures around the equator won’t change too much, but the temperatures near the poles will rise. It's believed that these changes in temperature will affect natural disasters...
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  • May 2, 2018 Emergency Zone

    Three Strong Earthquakes Shake the Pacific on May 1st 2018

    Fiji Was Hit
    On May 1st, Fiji endured three separate earthquakes. The first was that occurred was 64 miles from Lautoka Fiji, and it was rated as a 5.2 on the Richter scale. The second was 154 miles from Fiji, and it measured in at a 5.9. The third occurred about 10 minutes after the second and it was 157 miles from Fiji, measuring in at a 4.7.
    What Should I Know?
    Earthquakes are rated on the Richter...
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  • February 20, 2018 Emergency Zone

    What Do Natural Disasters Mean for Me?

    Natural disasters have been around long before man. They are natural occurrences of the earth. Places flood. The earth shakes. There is nothing inherently wrong with these events until it disrupts life. Thousands of earthquakes aren’t felt, but they are there. Some happen in the middle of the ocean, so we don’t notice. One thing is for sure in life; there will always be uncertainty. Scientists are...
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