The Chill Pill: Preparing for the Next Big Blizzard

By Ryan M.

The winter storm that hit the Southeast has now moved up to the East Coast, heavy snow and freezing temperatures have been reported early this week. Commuters are facing windblown snow and slick highways. There is warning of high winds, coastal flooding as well as possible power outages. So with the weather changing so quickly what should we have with us in case of emergency? Here are some suggestions that we think would be helpful.

Food & Water: Having non-perishable food that doesn't need to be cooked is a great idea in case you have to be somewhere for a long period of time or if you get stuck somewhere. As well as having water that you know is safe and clean.

Gas (Don't Drive on Empty): It's a bad idea to drive on empty at anytime but especially in a winter storm,keep your tank above half so you are sure to never get stuck somewhere. 

Cash: Not many people carry cash anymore, but in a winter storm there is always a chance of power outages which means you can't always count on your credit card. Carry small bills and change so you can pay exact amounts.

Jumper Cables: It's always a good idea to have jumper cables in your car because batteries tend to die in the cold.

Tow Rope: Having tow ropes in the car would help if you are stuck somewhere in the snow and need to be pulled out. 

Gloves: Having a pair of gloves would be helpful if you need to get out in the cold and work on your car. 

Shovel: Having a small folding shovel will come in handy if you had to dig yourself out of the snow.

Ice Scraper: Having some sort of ice scraper is always a good idea in a snow storm in case you need to clear your windows. 

Flares, TrianglesHaving something where you are able to signal for help in case of emergency.

Blanket: If you're stuck somewhere for a long period of time having a blanket with you will be a life saver so you don't end up with frostbite.

Hand Warmers: Having hand warmers will keep you warm in any emergency.

Boots: Having some sort of snow boots will be helpful if you need to travel in the snow on foot.

First Aid KitIn case of any accidents or injuries having a first aid kit that has the essentials such as band-aids, gauze, cleaning wipes etc.

Radio: Having someway to get updated information about the weather conditions would be a great idea.

Flashlight: Not only would it help with signaling if you need to work on your car in the dark or walk somewhere.

These are just a couple ideas on how we think you could be prepared in a winter storm. We would love to hear how your preparing, feel free to share a comment below about some of your ideas.

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