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  • The 2 Deadliest Knots
    October 4, 2021 Emergency Zone

    The Two Deadliest Knots

    Some of the most common knots you were taught could cost you your life if you use them in the wrong situation. There are two big offenders in particular that stand out even though many outdoor enthusiasts consider them to be foundational. We will go over:
    • What they are good for
    • How to tie them
    • What they are not good for (how they are misused)
    • Better alternatives for those situations
    • Backing them up (making them safer)
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  • September 1, 2019 Emergency Zone

    What I Learned About The In-Between Things

    Are there disaster situations where you would want to save non-essential material possessions? Probably so.

    Working for Emergency Zone, I spend plenty of my waking hours thinking about how to prepare for emergencies and what to do if one strikes. When a natural disaster came to my own doorstep, I found out that no amount of preparation and studying the subject could simulate the sense of reality...
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  • May 21, 2019 Emergency Zone

    Do You Have The Complete Emergency Preparedness Supply List?

    Are you overwhelmed by everything you need to do to prepare for a natural or man-made disaster? Everyone is at first! That's why we're sharing a simple to use checklist of everything you will need when #SHTF. We followed the recommended supply list from FEMA and turned it into a free, easy to follow checklist. The list covers the essentials and suggested items to have at home, at work, and at...
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  • December 27, 2018 Emergency Zone

    12 Life Saving Items to Keep in Your Car This Winter

    Picture this: it’s late at night and you are stranded on the side of the road. Snow is falling around you, and your car won't start. There is no heater, and your phone is dead. With the following twelve things in your car you will be better equipped to help yourself, and/or wait out the storm until help arrives. 

    1. Ice Scraper and Brush: Being able to see out your windows is crucial when driving....
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  • November 30, 2018 Emergency Zone

    If Black Friday Is Deadly, Imagine a Disaster

    Picture this: You are getting ready to do your Black Friday shopping at your local Walmart with a plan all mapped out for getting the best deals. You arrive early and get a great parking spot. It must be your lucky day; little do you know a man is about to fly into a deadly rage and open fire over that parking space. On November 25th, 2016 this actually happened at a Walmart in Reno, Nevada, where...
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  • November 19, 2018 Emergency Zone

    Wildfire Facts and Prevention

    Did you know that there are actually benefits to wildfires? They help clean the forest floor, kill diseases, provide habitats for many wildlife, and even helps certain trees and plants reproduce. However, the destruction they leave can be devastating as seen in recent disasters. Learn more about what people think can be done to help reduce the damage, while still seeing the benefits that they...
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  • November 12, 2018 Emergency Zone

    Updates on California Wildfires

    Camp Fire: 

    On 11/8/18 a fire broke out in Butte Country leading to the state of emergency later being declared. 
    As of 7:00 am "Camp Fire" has burned 151,000 acres, and is 66% contained. This fire has already lead to 15,573 structures being destroyed by the flames.
    77 civilians have lost their lives, and 3 firefighters have been injured. 
    Camp Fire is expected to be fully contained on 11/30/18.

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