A Cooking Demo On Freeze-Dried!

A Cooking Demo On Freeze-Dried!

                                                                                   By Jeanette Vale

There are times when convenience is totally worth paying for.  During a catastrophic event is when we find ourselves saying, “I’d pay a million bucks for food and clean water!”.  

If you have gone over twenty four hours without food and you are not sure where your next meal is coming from, you can become a hangry monster.

Legacy’s Freeze Dried Meals are perfect for such times. They are super light weight and  most of the products are shelf stable for up to 25 years!  They are easy to make, as you will see in our video.  The taste of a real meal that you are familiar with can make all the difference if the rest of your world has blown up.

On a normal day, there are eighteen steps to get dinner.  

  1. Work a job to buy food
  2. Create a menu. 
  3. Make the grocery list.
  4. Get in your car, drive to the grocer.
  5. Find parking, find a cart.
  6. Push it around for almost an hour filling it up.
  7. Stand in a long line to pay for it
  8. Remember where your car is and pop the trunk.  Fill.
  9. Drive home
  10. Haul the hoard into the house.
  11. Put stuff away…
  12. Except for dinner items.
  13. Chop, mince, dice, start the rice.
  14. Call the fam.  Dinner’s ready!
  15. Listen to complaints of ‘why this’ and ‘why that’ and  ‘I already ate!’
  16. Finally eat dinner…alone
  17. Clean the table
  18. Wash the dishes. Repeat most of these steps in four more hours. Day after day after day.

Just getting something to eat is quite a hassle! 

Can you imagine if you add a major catastrophic event to that?

You might not even have a kitchen to work in.  You might find yourself in the bush with your 72-Hour Emergency Kit (stuffed with freeze dried meals). 

Well lucky for you, we are standing in the bushes with you .  With Legacy Food Storage there is little hassle.  Start your stove.  Boil water.  Rip open an entree and pour it in!  It's probably a FIVE step process.  Not eighteen!   

We took a few of our products to test so you can see what that looks like to cook and eat  in the great wide open.   Let’s make some Pasta Primavera with Legacy food Storage.  

We tested some of  our gear while the water was boiling.

Something we did not show in the video was how I purified the water from the river.  I simply used this Seychelle Water Bottle I filled it up from the stream (not shown) and I squeezed it into that water bag in the video.  Then I cooked the Pasta Primavera.  The water tasted great after I purified it with this.   

Step on, prep on and let's have dinner and a movie!   www.emergencyzone.com

Click below to watch!


Mess Kit & Fuel  $69.99 


Fuel Kit Alone $44.99


Water Proof Matches $4.99


Legacy Bucket of Entrees $115


Legacy Bucket of Gluten Free Entrees $120


SOS Water $59.99


SOS Food Bar $129.99


Multi tool Knife $5.99


Gallon Water Bag $8.99


4 One Liter water bags with water treatment 




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