Go-Bags:  Light and Fast is the New Black

Go-Bags: Light and Fast is the New Black

                                                                                            By Jeanette Vale

Being a prepper of fourteen years has given me a chance to review many bug-out-bags.  Traveling light and fast is the new black.  Here we go!

 Gather water from a lake or stream With this EZ water bottle and straw you can drink straight from the source.  I plan on having a larger gravity purifer as well.  Google Geigerrig packs for bigger water purification. 


Gather water from the air.  Ignore the big metal drum In the image below.    Notice the plastic bag insert.  I have an idea to use the plastic to condensate and collect water from the air.    This one is food grade plastic, and BPA free.  This plastic looks light to carry as well.  This might be the trick If you are in a desert survival situation with no body of water to harvest from.

I have not tested this idea to gather water using this plastic, but I want to.  I’ll keep you posted on how that goes!   

Gather water/syrup from a tree.

Tree’s are a source of liquid.  Research the types of tree’s that you can harvest from.  It is not just the maple tree that produces liquid.    I’ve attached a youtube on harvesting maple syrup 

I have never tried this. I am not well versed in much of the details of it.  Does one have to cook the liquid?  Can I drink it straight from the tree?  Will it rehydrate me?  How many calories does it provide? What vitamins and minerals are in it? Will I have an allergic reaction as my throat swells shut?  Who knows! 


I do have a Box Elder Tree in my front yard and I know that is one of the tree’s I can tap for liquid.  I believe it is around spring time that the tree is most generous.  Do your homework.

Adventures in eating straight from nature can happen.  Talk to your doctor before you try anything questionable.  

Be a good steward of the earth.  When you bore a hole into a tree, have a method of plugging it up so the tree doesn’t leak all of its life force away. Study up on how best to protect the tree, post harvest.  Usually it is carving a cork from another species to plug the hole.

Okay, I’ll need to carry this antique hand drill as well, if I am going to be tapping trees.  Remember,  this is what I would carry in my Go-bag.  This seems excessive, but there are millions of trees in this world and to access them for calories and liquid sounds great.

I’m willing to haul this drill around, especially if a river becomes contaminated.  A tree is one gigantic filter that cleans the liquid for you.  It also may have a deep tap root that takes up water from far below the surface.

Tree tapping is something I am going to have to do more research on. Maybe I’ll make a pile of pancakes and pour homemade syrup from my tree. Gooed future blog idea.    

If you do this, my common sense tells me to make sure the tap (that you push into the tree) is the same size as your drill head.

Where do I store all this water I am harvesting?

At Emergency Zone we sell these amazing 1 gallon bags. They are light and fold flat until you need them.  They stand on their own when full.  They are  food grade and BPA free. 

An easy way to drink water you have harvested is to also tuck a  bladder bag into your backpack.  This one carries two liters.  

Make and use this bow drill.  Take my advice, I’m not using it.  If I ever do get around to making one of these then I am a true prepper.

THREE WAYS TO START FIRE:  Carry matches, lighter and a flint as well. 

So far we have a super light weight pack!

What else would I add?

 Solar light that is rechargeable by the sun and it comes with  a bank so you can plug a cell phone into it.  I love this one from Sibereon.com.  It’s $12.95

A beefy Knife. I invested $126.00 into mine.  I wanted the best steel. Carry different sizes.  I also carry a Swiss Army Knife and then a small paring knife as in this photo.

Small forest Axe.  I invested in a beautiful Gransfors Bruk Axe.  These are made in Sweden.  It has the initials of the brawny man who forged its steelhead (so romantic!).  I am so in love with my axe. I bought it used for $130.  It has a beautiful curve to the handle that feels nice in the hand.

Saw I like this hand saw.  This is Emergency Zone’s version. Light weight and reliable.  


Shovel: I like this backpackers trowel.  Its strong, small, light and I was gifted it at Christmas. Wow.  So generous, giver.  Thank you for the best Christmas ever.  Actually my gift to said person was equally not-substantial.


 Mess kit I have this mess kit.  I like that it comes with a non scratch spoon, scouring pad, and other great pieces that I don’t yet know what to do with!

 Craft Wire or a heavy duty wire.  This helps to make small game traps and other things. 

Foam clothes  This is winter survival, in luxury.  I wrote a blog on it. Click the link to read about this winter tech. You can cut and haul hundreds of cords of wood or have this ugly super suit.  Luckily this is worn like underwear, underneath your real clothes.

Tent  -  I am liking the idea of just a tent tarp.  Here is the best of 2022 


Don't forget to pack a Sleeping bag, Sleeping Pad and Hammock. 


The shemag.  It’s 3 x 3 feet of lightweight breathable fabric.  It is versatile.  It can be tied around the head or neck in many ways.  It can be used as an arm sling.  It’s a best friend.

Hat - I love this reflective hat!  It works really well in cutting the heat!   Just as it claims. 

Sunglasses (Sunglare off of snow can blind you).  Sunglasses are actually a top priority. 

These roll up glasses from the eye doctor are not only fashionable, but they do the trick.  No one will steal these or take you seriously ever again.



First aid kit


And finally a picture book on edible plants that grow around you.  Invest in one that gives medicinal benefits of plants as well.  I have a Family Herbalist Certificate from the School of Natural Healing and I LOVE the plant kingdom!

Don't forget to add personal items like prescription medications, glasses, and vital documents to prove you're not a monkey's uncle. Unless of course, you are.

I like a small stash of personal photo's of my favorite people.  Waterproof them.  Our cell phones could fail and looking at photos is a healing balm.

This concludes the bare bum minimum go-bag I would make.  If you don’t want to assemble your own, we sell ready made bags here at Emergency Zone!  Step on, prep on and come see us!  www.emergencyzone.com

Check out our four person Go-bags 

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