7 Ways to Get Your Car Out of The Snow This Winter

7 Ways to Get Your Car Out of The Snow This Winter

Winter is coming…

I hate to use such a cliché; it’s just very applicable.

Here we are in late Autumn, and it’s time to prepare for winter, a season that brings its own set of difficulties. 

One of the more annoying problems with winter is getting stuck in the snow. And it’s always at the most inconvenient times, like before work or trying to take your kids to school.

We all know winter is ahead. At one time or another we’ve all been stuck in the now, or faced with frozen doors and other time consuming difficulties.

As with so much in life, preparation is key to dealing with the unexpected.

So, we know winter is on the way; we know it brings challenges, so why don’t we prepare ahead of time? Don’t put it off and get ready now, while the weather is still mostly good.

Here are 6 ways you can either get ready for winter, or use what you have on hand. I definitely recommend prepping your vehicle for that in-case-you-need-it-moment.

What to Keep in Your Car For Traction

Loss of traction in the snow is what keeps your car stuck. No kidding, right? We all know that. Well, here are a few items to put in your trunk that will help you gain traction. 

  1. Small foldable shovel: Clear away as much snow from around your tires as you can. Removing the snow also gives you the added benefit of a workout (just a joke...a rather lame one too).Emergency Zone Deluxe 12-in-1 Folding Shovel Multifunction Survival Tool


  1. Ice melt, cat litter, or sand: Add a bag of ice melt and a bag of something gritty, like cat litter or sand. The combination of ice melt and a gritty substance will provide more traction.
  2. Square pieces of old carpet: Old carpet, if you have any left or can get some, cut into squares makes for additional traction. And if the carpet gets ruined, they’re not a big loss.
  3. Use cardboard: You know all of those Amazon boxes you get. Save a few of the larger ones, flatten them and store them in your trunk. They might give just enough traction for your car to move.
  4. Tow rope: Never hurts to store one in your trunk. 

           Tow rope being attached to the back of a car

What You Can Use From Your Car For Traction

Say you forget to prep your car and you get stuck in the snow. You still have a chance to get out on your own. Your car already has a few options that just might free your car.

  1. Car mats: Place your car mats under the tires for that bit of extra traction. However, there's a chance the floor mats could get ruined. So, save your mats by prepping ahead.
  2. Deflate the tires: Another trick is to release a little air out of the tires. Lower tire pressure allows them to grab more surface area and hopefully pull your car out. If you’re far from a town where you can refill your tires, you may want to reconsider this method. Driving a long distance on low tire pressure can ruin them.
  3. Seat belt and piece of wood: Okay. So, this method was taken from an outdoor survivalist named Creek Stewart, and his survival show on the Weather Channel. Anyway, if you’re stuck in the snow without supplies, you can use your seat belt to free your car. If you’re off the road and near a wooded area, forage for a large, thick stick, preferably flatish one side. Then, if you have a pocket knife, cut out your seat belt. Thread the seat belt through one rim, around the tire, tying the stick in place against the tire. Theoretically this should create enough traction to help free your car from the snow (at least it worked on the TV show).

Improve your odds against winter with preparation, it's something we do quite often in our day-to-day routines. So use those innate preparation skills you have and get ready for winter now...cause it’s a comin.

And if you winter prep your vehicle and you don’t ever get stuck, that’s great. Maybe you’ll have the chance to help someone else...who didn’t prepare.

Know of any other methods for getting your car out of a sticky winter situation? Share your ideas in the comment section. Let’s spread the knowledge, because knowledge is power.

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