Tanto Style Paracord Survival Knife with Ferro Rod

SKU 4106

A fixed blade knife should be a staple of every outdoor or survival kit. A fixed blade exhibits the essence of outdoor competence. Our Tanto Fixed Blade flaunts a minimalist look, yet retains functional use. The tanto knife is easy to clean and won’t easily break since there are no moving parts. The knife is solid stainless steel tempered for strength and rust resistance. 


Fixed Blade Full Tang: A fixed blade knife with a full tang is the strongest design. A full tang extends the full width and length of the handle. This design is rugged and tough, withstanding most twisting and torquing motions. With a strong fixed blade, you can baton (strike the spine) through wood.

Tanto Blade Style: The blade is thick, with a straight edge. The tanto style is extremely strong and robust with a sharp tip. A tanto blade is good for self-defense, EDC and general utility tasks. Its all around benefits make it the kind of blade that is perfect for survival kits.

Stainless Steel: We are all familiar with stainless steel knives. We know that they’re not supposed to rust. But why? When chromium is added to steel alloy and heat-treated, a protective chromium oxide layer covers the surface of the steel.

Ridged Spine: Don’t get this confused with a serrated spine. The ridged spine is used for notching wood using a sawing motion. Handy for creating shelters when you need to secure wood poles together.

Finger Grip: Below the blade is a thumb and forefinger grip allowing for better control for whittling wood.

Paracord Wrap: We opted to wrap the knife handle in paracord, adding another survival function. The paracord wrap can be used in an emergency, but it also gives a textured grip when you're using it.

Minimalist Design: It’s not a fancy knife, but in a survival situation it's the functionality of the tool that counts. This knife is a rugged, bare essentials design. You don’t want to keep your grandad’s knife that has been passed down to you in a survival bag. But our knife is perfect for adding to kits and forgetting about it...until you need it. It’s the kind of knife you can use without worrying about harming its surface.


Technical Specs:


UPC: 0656906379

Total Weight: 8.9 oz

Knife Weight: 6.7 oz

Total Knife Length: 11in

Blade Length: 5 ⅜ in