Basic Survival Bottle

SKU 8401

✅【Compact & Portable】: Be prepared anytime, anywhere with this versatile survival bottle, containing essential items in a compact container. Ideal for office, hiking, or car emergency kits, it’s your go-to solution for disaster & emergency preparedness.

✅【Versatile Survival Solution】: Our all-in-one bottle is your ultimate preparedness partner, featuring a diverse array of essential tools for survival. From fire starters for warmth to water purification essentials and a compact first aid kit, it’s perfect for any unexpected emergency.

✅【Multi - Setting Emergency Solutions】: This ultimate survival bottle maximizes space efficiency, seamlessly fitting into office spaces, car glove compartment, boats, backpacks, campers/RVs, and more, ensuring you have a disaster preparedness kit whenever you need it.

✅【53 pc Basic Survival First Aid Kit】: Featuring a compact and durable pouch, this on-the-go first aid kit is a basic yet comprehensive solution for minor emergencies. Designed for mobility and durability, it provides peace of mind in unexpected situations.