Cold Weather Survival Poncho with ThermaSave Technology

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This is our best poncho yet: durable, reusable, and could actually save your life. Our poncho utilizes Thermasave technology to retain high amounts of body heat in cold weather. The Cold Weather Thermasave Poncho is tough, it won’t tear easily, and repels water. Use the poncho as many times as you want. Fold it, roll it, and pack it into the stuff sack for convenient space-saving storage. Beat the elements with our Cold Weather Thermasave Poncho. 


Cold Weather: Trap your body heat with our thermasave poncho. The inner reflective layer retains high amounts of radiant body heat to keep you warm in rainstorms and cold weather.

Versatile: The Cold Weather Thermasave Poncho is an excellent addition to hiking gear. It’s lightweight and small. Perfect for layering against the cold while on the trail. The poncho easily fits into any survival, hunting, or general outdoor kit as well. But like the emergency blanket, the number of uses for this poncho goes far beyond its intended use. Follow this link to get ideas of how you can use the poncho in other ways.

Convenient storage:  The poncho hardly takes up any space at all. You can roll it and compress it to an amazing degree and store it just about anywhere: your car, 72-hour kits, backpacks, go-bags, a part of your survival storage system. 

Stuff sack: The nylon stuff sack is a convenient way to compress and store the poncho, reducing the poncho’s bulk and its tendency to fly away in the wind when not in use.

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Weight: 2.8oz