An Easy Gardening Method That Yields Big Results!  A Youtube Included

An Easy Gardening Method That Yields Big Results! A Youtube Included

                                                                                               By Jeanette Vale

An easy gardening method?  Well, relatively easy.  There is still a learning curve for even this method, and that can be overwhelming.  I’ll be honest, it intimidated me too.  But compared to the other years and methods of gardening, This one has the biggest yields of food for the least amount of trouble invested!

I employed my sister to help me think through it.  Neither of us had tried it before, but it's so nice to partner up and feel that burden stretch across two brains.

What this method promises

It provides excellent plant nutrition, by supplying a carefully designed recipe.  This is found in a small pouch labeled Mittleider Magic Mix.  Healthy plants are less attacked by insects.  This method utilizes less water.  You can grow 


Garden soil is complicated.  You can attest to this if you’ve spent years building yours up.  If you don’t get the soil right you’ve lost a season with little food to show for it. Waiting for the next  grow season  is a long wait.  

Now that food shortages are here (I can’t believe I am typing such a thing!), it is pretty important to get your soil right!  On top of that, how many of you are good at gardening?  I think most people are not gardeners.  At least not at the level needed to mass produce food. 


Try the Jacob Mittleider method and grow your food in sand and sawdust.

You: Sand and sawdust!  Is that nutrient rich?  

Me: Not at all!  

You: How does food grow in it then?  

Me: Jacob's book divulges the secrets!  It is too lengthy to cover in a blog.

Jacob Mittleider created a method for food to grow in sand and sawdust (or even poor soil)!   He went to twenty-seven countries and taught his method to the local people who had food and nutrition issues.  He completely changed these parts of the  world.    I have been using Jacob Mittleiders method  for five years now.  

Is it organic?  Nope.  Sorry.  But, did I mention food shortages?  Non-organic produce is better  than eating cardboard.

Watch the Jacob Mittleider History jump to 8:38 to see the produce before and jump to 9:30 to see how huge the food became in Papua New Guinea.

In my personal trials with this method I have grown bigger food and more food.  But don’t mistake me as being a good gardener.  I trained as a Master Gardener with the University of California's Extension Program, yet it really will take  gardening for thirty plus years to claim the title of Master.  Just start gardening, is my point.  And Mittleider makes it easy to succeed.

With the Mittleider method you jump ahead in years of knowledge (because you use his) and grow amazing crops!  Watch LDSPREPPER harvest his yams.  And this was year one for him in trying this particular vegetable . Yam Harvest 

Jacob Mittleider did the science for you.  Follow his recipe and most plants will come on beautifully.  For me, some didn’t, but that is because I practice what is called the “I’m too busy, half-ass, Mittleider version”. 

But guess what?   It still grows lots of food. Watch me harvest from my garden and make a yummy soup!  Watch me Soup . Or "breakfast from the back yard".  I’m always hungry for fried potatoes and cheesy things.   Watch me omelet . 

In our EZ Living Youtube this week I show you how to mix the magic of Mittleider and I show you how to apply it to a bed of 75% rough sand and 25% sawdust. 

I bought my sand/sawdust mix from a local yard that mixes it for you and dumps it into the bed of your truck (Old Mill Landscape Supply, Spanish Fork, UT). 

For the rest of you, find a course sand at Home Depot or Lowes and find a way to purchase a rougher sawdust (not the super fine powdery sawdust).  Watch youtube's on the sawdust you need.

And for kicks, I show you how to use the Mittleider fertilizer in regular soil as well.  

Click here to obtain the book the Mittleider Gardening Course . $25.   It is an excellent resource!  The instructions are well laid out. And in the world of Youtube there are so many videos on this method.  LDSPrepper is excellent.

Just in case we do have a complete failure of getting any fertilizer for our gardens here is a great detailed youtube from Farmhouse-BC that teaches you how to find and use cow patties to feed your garden.

And one from Self Sufficient Me on using Chicken Manure to feed your garden.

Or if you  have access to rabbit manure, a youtube from Whispering Willow Farm.  

I'm not sure how to use these methods with the Mittleider Magic Mix.  But we should prepare for times when we don't have any fertilizer from a store.

I am available to answer any of your questions.  I can be reached through the comment box below!  

Come visit us for your emergency needs!  Step on Prep on and dig!
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