War in the World - Not in my House!  Start with One Simple Step

War in the World - Not in my House! Start with One Simple Step

                                                                                             By Jeanette Vale

What stinks?  What is that smell?

Oh, it’s the stench of global destabilization.  What will we look like in a year from now? Or even five?

What marches across the stage overseas will eventually reach us.  I’ve become quite the pessimist. But that has been the process since 2020.  Watch it unfold yonder, then suddenly it's here on my front door.  Atchooo!  Bless me,  bless you.

Are you ready for a possible World War III?  

We put on different hats to cope with this stress.  The hat of our normalcy bias is lovely, I like this hat.  It has a plume of optimism.  I show up to work with this hat on.  

Then there is the  hat of dismal hopelessness and ‘fear”.  I wear this hat too.

No wonder so many people are at home and not in the workplace.  It’s like that movie The Tomorrow War.  Once everyone realized there might not be a future, many gave up living.

Poland has  been hit by a missile.  Right now, it is leaning towards Poland not invoking article five or even article four, for that matter.  Thank goodness!  

The problem is, two people in a country that were not in the war, are dead. Even if this was a faulty missile from Ukraine, it happened because Russia invaded. So the reduction of this gravy is that it's Russia's fault. Right?  

To speak of two deaths, when there have been thousands of people on both sides killed or displaced, seems light, but none of it is light.  It’s horrible.  One life was one too many.

Do you feel the heaviness of bad people doing whatever they want (with us) getting their way and despite legal systems in place no one is being brought to justice?  It is a heavy wet blanket. 

Some good news is...

No matter what is happening out in the world, we can fix stuff within our own borders (house walls).

For one, we can stop the wars there.

I just watched a movie with Helen Mirren called The Hundred Foot Journey (2014).  If you're a foodie, it is a must see.    She had a French Restaurant (shown left).  Across the street was another restaurant that she had probably bullied out of business.  

An Indian family decided to buy the place and start a restaurant.  In the beginning of the movie it was war.  Madame Mallory (Mirren)  fought and pushed to hamper their start.  And then something amazing happened.  

Can you imagine if every person on the planet would make amends to another person they hurt?  And the offered leaf was accepted? 

In one afternoon,  seven billion of us would create a new atmosphere over the earth's surface.    We’d move into another orbit.  Blessings that we did not realize were available to us would flow down–and just in time for Christmas.

Start with One Step!

Can you think of one person who you would like to heal with?  Make the first move.  Then watch the magic unfold.  You deserve it and so do they.   The holiday seasons are a great time to bring peace to the world.  We can start small and grow from there.

Happy Thanksgiving folks!  

We are so thankful to all of you  who have blessed our company.  We would truly be working somewhere else if it weren’t for you.  

May you and your families be  blessed for these holidays and the coming new year.

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