Emergency Zone

  • September 1, 2019 Emergency Zone

    What I Learned About The In-Between Things

    Are there disaster situations where you would want to save non-essential material possessions? Probably so.

    Working for Emergency Zone, I spend plenty of my waking hours thinking about how to prepare for emergencies and what to do if one strikes. When a natural disaster came to my own doorstep, I found out that no amount of preparation and studying the subject could simulate the sense of reality...
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  • May 21, 2019 Emergency Zone

    Do You Have The Complete Emergency Preparedness Supply List?

    Are you overwhelmed by everything you need to do to prepare for a natural or man-made disaster? Everyone is at first! That's why we're sharing a simple to use checklist of everything you will need when #SHTF. We followed the recommended supply list from FEMA and turned it into a free, easy to follow checklist. The list covers the essentials and suggested items to have at home, at work, and at...
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  • May 10, 2019 Emergency Zone

    18 Things You Need In Your Pet Emergency Survival Kit

    image of Husky breed dog wearing shirt and backpack
    When we’re making plans for worst case scenarios, we plan for ourselves and our human family members to ensure our safety. But what about our pets? If you’re like millions of Americans, you probably have a pet dog or cat (or several pets if you’re lucky). The bond you have with your pet is special and unique. No two pet/owner relationships are the same, just like no two human friendships are the...
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  • April 14, 2016 Emergency Zone

    Finally, A Stealthy Bug Out Bag

    What is the most important part of a bug out bag? Is it the food and water, the fire starting tools, or what type of knife you have? There are multiple good answers to that question, but there's one really obvious good answer. The most important part of a bug out bag is the bag itself! Your bag lets you carry all your life giving tools anywhere you go. Hence you should take careful consideration...
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  • January 1, 2016 Emergency Zone

    6 Things Your Bug-out Bag Didn't Come With

    6 Things your bug-out bag didn't come with
             If you had to bug-out of your home right now and survive for three days with nothing but your pre-assembled bug-out bagyou bought online, could you do it? Your answer may depend on WHY you are bugging-out and the location you are headed (WHERE). It might change based on WHO's going with you and WHEN (time of day & season) too. Whatever the circumstance, if your answer leans towards "No,"...
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  • June 24, 2014 Emergency Zone

    Urban Survival Bug Out Bag – A pack that’s got your back

    Disasters tend to bring out the best in people. Kindness, generosity, and goodwill are all easily found when people selflessly give of what they have to help those in need. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true. Stress, fatigue, and fear of the unknown play a large role in prompting people to do things that they normally would not do. And this human element is as much an issue as the disaster...
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