Severe Storms Cause Havoc in the Northeastern States Claiming 5 Lives in May of 2018

By Madison F.
Storms have been wreaking havoc in the northeastern states in the United States of America. The storms took five lives, and caused a lot of destruction. 

New York City encountered baseball sized hail during the thunderstorms, and thousands lost power. 

The worst of the storms are over, but there is still a fear that flooding can occur. "The biggest threat for flooding will be from Virginia to southern New Jersey, where 4 to 8 inches of rain could fall with localized heavier amounts possible." 

For more information on what to do in a flood, follow this 

During this time there was a tornado on May 4th, in New Hampshire that is recorded as one of the longest in the New England area. The tornado lasted for 33 minutes, and traveled 36 miles. 

Yet at the time it wasn't obvious that the tornado even happened due to the storm. Some rotation was discovered on the radar, but it "was a significant height above the ground." It wasn't until May 14th, that the path was really discovered. 

The tornado rated as a EF1 on the Enhanced Fujita Scale. The tornado was estimated to have wind speeds between 90-100 mph.  

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