Mothers: The Original Preppers

By Nitoshia S.

We love to spend Mother’s Day to celebrate all the amazing moms out there, and all the things they do for us. Because let’s face it, moms are definitely the glue that holds most of us together. As a mom I know we have some tough jobs we sometimes have to face, one of the biggest challenges I think we face daily is leaving the house with our babies/children and trying to figure out how much we have to take with us in a diaper bag. There are some days where I think I’ve packed the whole house, and I’m still not prepared.

With babies, we always have to expect the unexpected— they just love to surprise us with something new everyday. Whether that be filling up their diapers in what feels like every five minutes, or throwing up all over us at the worst possible times. But we are supermoms and we handle it with such grace because we come prepared all the time (okay, maybe not all the time but we try our best.)

But that can bring up a big question: How many of us moms are prepared for an emergency and could we leave the house with enough items for our kids? Most of us may have a 72 hour kit for ourselves but have you ever thought about having a 72 hour diaper bag? Something we could make for just our babies.

So then comes the question, what would we need and how much of it? Obviously all babies are different and have different needs and quantities. But I think for the most part we are all on the same page about things that are essential to have in a diaper bag. So what should we be putting in a 72 hour diaper bag?

#1: A Sturdy Bag/Diaper Bag- You don’t necessarily need a diaper bag, you are going to want to have something that is sturdy and easy to carry. So even if you end up putting it in a backpack that would be fine. An important reason you want to make the baby his or her own bag is because you don’t want to waste time unpacking your whole bag while you’re looking for the baby items.

#2: Bottles and Formula- Formula is a definite must, even if you are breastfeeding. The reasoning behind that is breast milk can dry up due to stress and an emotional state, and in an emergency there can be a lot of high stress situations and you want to be prepared if that were to happen.
So how much formula should you pack? Again I think over doing it is something I would do. I would at least pack 3-4 cans of 12 oz. formula, which means you would have to pack extra water as well. So keep in mind that with the formula you want to pack as much water as you can. And if you are still breastfeeding should you still pack formula? I would definitely say yes, breastfeeding can be a great thing. But consider when on the go there might be times where it’s difficult to breastfeed and always having a back up plan could save your life.

#3: Diapers and Wipes- Babies poop a lot, especially newborns. So packing a ton of diapers is definitely necessary. If able to travel by car I would just put a whole case in the back. If that isn’t an option then I would pack as many as I could fit maybe even fitting some in my bag. The question comes up about cloth diapers, they are reusable and you wouldn’t have to pack a ton. The reason I think this could become a problem is not having somewhere to wash them and packing more water could make the bag heavier and harder to carry. Another concern is having poor sanitation, which is the number one killer in most emergency situations.

#4: Blankets- You want to make sure you have a good blanket packed, wool is always a better choice because it’s warm whether it’s wet or dry. But other blankets are fine too. There is a chance your baby also has a favorite so it’s great to pack one just like it to make the baby as comfortable as possible.

#5: Toys- Depending on the age of the baby it’s good to include something that they are use to having around so it can bring some comfort to them as well as keep them occupied. Anything small will do, a rattle, a stuffed animal or even a book they are use to. If your baby uses a pacifier make sure and pack one and a spare one in case.

#6:Change of Clothes- Again, babies love to make messes anywhere from poop to throw up. So we want to bring more than just 3 days of clothing, as well as packing some short sleeve and long sleeve and even a jacket. You want them to be as comfortable as possible and not too hot or too cold. Make sure to pack enough socks as well.

#7: Medicines- If your baby takes something daily make sure you have some packed, and even if they don’t it’s always smart to have some packed. Something in case of fever, teething, or even for a cold.

#8 Hygiene Supplies- You want to pack things like nail clippers, thermometers, nasal aspirator for the boogers, toothbrush if baby has teeth etc.

This would be a very good place to start if you are just beginning, and you can always put different things in based on the baby’s age. But I’m sure all the mommy’s out there have this covered. I hope all of you have an amazing Mother’s Day because you definitely deserve it.

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