10 Uncommon Uses For An Emergency Blanket

10 Uncommon Uses For An Emergency Blanket

The essence of self-reliance is finding multiple uses for items, or repurposing them. At Emergency Zone we’re always on the lookout for new uses for survival tools. 

Often we find ourselves in a situation without the proper gear or tools. And then we’re put to the test to see how creative we get with what we have on hand. It’s making do with less, an American notion with roots in our past, of being self-reliant in dealing with a problem.

Such is the case with the humble, cost-friendly emergency blanket. Just about any survival or 72 hour kit will have at least one emergency blanket. So, here are some ideas for using the versatile emergency blanket. 

Though we didn’t originate these great hacks (we found them in a book), we felt they were important enough to share. After all, the more you know, the greater your chances are for making a bad situation....tolerable.

(The uses for e-blankets were sourced from the book Prepare for Anything Survival Manual by Tim Macwelch)

The Many Uses of an Emergency Blanket

  1. Make a sling: You hope serious accidents never happen, but it’s always possible in the outdoors or in a disaster. To make a sling, fold the blanket into a triangle (it may take a couple of folds to size it right), and then tie it around the neck. You have a sling.
  2. Water carrier: With its water resistant nature you can line backpacks, buckets, or other containers with the emergency blanket to carry water.
  3. Trail marker: Using the reflective side of the blanket, cut out strips to tie to trees, around branches to mark a trail.
  4. Bandage: If nothing else is available, cut off pieces and apply to wounds to aid in staunching blood flow. Secure the make-shift bandage with duct tape.
  5. Rain Catcher: It looks like rain. Dig a hole in the ground, line it with the blanket to catch rain.
  6. Poncho: Camping is fun...unless it’s raining and you forgot your poncho. But fortunately for you, you packed a space blanket for emergencies. Use the blanket as rain gear to stay warm and dry.
  7. Signal: The reflective or colored side can be staked out or hoisted on a pole as a means to signal for help.
  8. Tent: Stretch the blanket out and make an A-frame tent with paracord. You can also make a lean-to or wind break. The key is using it as a shelter from the elements and avoiding exposure.
  9. Blanket: There is the option to use it for its intended purpose. Wrap up in it to trap your body heat and ward off the cold.
  10. Rope: Unfold the blanket and cut out long strips, which you can twist or braid to make cordage.

As you can see, the modest emergency blanket adapts to a number of uses. With its low cost you may want to stock up on space blankets and store them in your house, vehicles, and packs. They’re a small investment for a life-saving tool.

So, if you have, or can think of other uses for the emergency blanket, please share them in the comment section.

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