Hope for the Best, but Plan for the Worst

By Madison F.

Natural disasters are going on all around us, even if we are oblivious to them. How many of us knew that Paris is flooding, that California had deadly mudslides, or that Albay in the Philippines is getting ready for a possible three-month emergency!

The river Seine is rising in Paris. It has forced over 650 people to evacuate their homes, so they can be safe. The end isn’t even in sight. Back in 1910 there was a time that a lot of Paris was under water for a couple months! Water levels are predicted to reach 6 meters, or 20 feet, above what is normal. As of this morning it was already 5.7 meters above the normal levels. As seen in the picture below. 


California is Sliding!
Weeks ago deadly mudslides occurred in the Santa Barbara area. It is believed that it was due to heavy rainfall and the recent fires as depicted in this image.
An evacuation was given displacing many families for the second time in the past couple months. However, no one can forget the 20 people were killed, and others are missing. Rescue missions were put into place that saved a lot of lives.

Legazpi City is Burning!
In the Philippines, Mount Mayon has erupted, spewing lava and ash all over Albay. Officials there are saying that they are getting ready for a three months emergency! more than 81,000 people have already evacuated. The rain that has fallen has done more harm than good. The threat level this volcano has caused is a threat level of 4, and that is on a five-point scale. 

Some experts believe that the worse is yet to come. Because of the bulging sides, it is believed that a powerful eruption is yet to come.Natural disasters are nothing new. One thing we can count on from life is that it is unpredictable. The best way to help reign in the chaos of life is to be prepared and come together. Many lives are saved through evacuations, and many are rescued when we band together. FEMA, Federal Emergency Management Agency, has said that “disasters are not avoidable”, “but you can be ready for them”. We should “hope for the best, but plan for the worst”. 


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