6 Great Uses For Camo Netting & Why You Shouldn't Underestimate It.

6 Great Uses For Camo Netting & Why You Shouldn't Underestimate It.

                                                                                         By Jeanette Vale

Fluttery Camouflage is on the mind.  Here are some cool things I find valuable about it. 

#6 - SHADE FACTOR.  Being under a regular pop up tent is shade, but it's hot shade.  It’s so hot under there,  I’d rather go sit in the sun where I might catch a  breeze!  Camo netting, on the other hand, Is full of fluttery holes.  Because the wind can blow through it, your hideaway stays pretty nice.

#5 - PRIVACY OF SPACE  Adding this netting onto a balcony railing or a chain link fence can cut people’s visibility by more than half.  With a lot of questionable people walking around out there,  I say, the more privacy - the better!

#4 -  HIDE JUNK - Bushes look nicer than piles of junk.  If you need something to disappear just throw camo netting over it.  Suddenly it’s a bush.  Problem solved.  If your yard looks directly into the neighbor's dog kennel (like mine does) it’s nice to cover that chain link world.  I love you, but  goodbye doggie.  I am sure they would be relieved not to see into our yard either.  We might have become hoarders in the past three years.

#3- HIDE VALUABLES.  The hatchback cars of today come with a tongue.  You can pull it over all of your shopping bags in the back and suddenly thieves are not interested in smashing your glass simply because they ask, “is the crime worth my time?  It might be empty under there”.  Yet, we all know, there is valuable stuff in there. Out of sight, out of mind.  The concept works really well.  

Example #2. I have a $2,400 item with all the bells and whistles sitting on my front porch.  Anyone can steal it, but it's invisible because it's covered in camo.  On top of that, our house actually does look like a hoarder's den and thieves are not interested in robbing people who look like their own mama’s.  Looking poor or homeless is another great camo trick.  We don’t pay attention to these people.  We are conditioned to avoid them.  That sounds terrible but it’s true.


#2 THIEF DETERRENT - If I stumbled onto someone’s campsite and saw lots of camo netting around, I’d jump to the conclusion that whoever owns this stuff does not want me there and  is armed and crazy.  I would not stick around to get to know them.  And I would certainly not steal anything from them.  I’d steal from the backpacker camping a hill over, who is wearing bright yellow.  Totally kidding.


#1  Have you ever seen the old version of the movie, RED DAWN with Patrick Swayze?   It’s been many years, but I remember the teacher walking out there to talk with foreign soldiers who just parachuted down from the sky with machine guns.  Okay!  What?!  

 Hide fool!  

Pull out your camo netting from your 72 hour kit  and roll up in it!  Become a topiary bush.   

I don’t mean to spoil it for you, folks, but that teacher gets turned into Swiss Cheese. 

The Ability to Disappear

In our homes we are behind locked doors.  We have security cameras.  We simply dial 911 if we need back up.  We feel safe.  If we are ever evacuated or on the run and society has broken down, it will be a whole new world.

We are sitting ducks.  It will be  “survival of the fittest”.  

You add on to this the fact that people are hungry and the food is gone.  Personalities will change in a nanosecond.  A savage world born overnight.

Being able to suddenly vanish is going to be very valuable.  Today they sell camo netting that is very light weight.  It can be scrunched up into a small bag and carried very easily in your EZ stealth bag.

I did not know this was an option until I wrote this blog.  My local Army Store sells this fluttery camo netting but it weighs a ton and you need a vehicle to transport it.  I’ve taken these images from a company called Tragopan.  They sell these for wildlife photographers and their video shares ideas on which one to buy for what you are doing.  Very informative.  A must watch.

You can make your hideaway more stealthy by pulling up dead grasses and other material in the area and tucking it into the netting.  

I visited San Francisco several times.  Things get interesting there!.  The city hires street entertainers to interact with tourists.  Even a man dressed as a bush was so effective at being hidden from tourists that he was able to scare the ba-jeebies out of them when the bush suddenly came alive.

My point is,  we don’t see bushes.  And even in a city or a wharf setting, this fact remains true.  Notice the bush in this photo.  What do you see?  

His red shoes are even poking out of the bottom!  Believe me, the bush is a very effective hideaway in any setting.

In the next photo there is a man laying down.  His organic material doesn’t match the surrounding yellow grasses.  It is still very effective.  The only thing you run the risk of is a Moose stepping on your back.  Which would be bad.  

So, like the moose, step on, prep on and come visit us for a great stealth bag!


Our Emergency Zone Survival Bag chart

Tragopan Camo Netting Vid

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