Putting off Water Storage? Storage is Easier than You Think

Putting off Water Storage? Storage is Easier than You Think

by Brandon Hunt

I remember as a kid my parents would save all of our empty two liter Shasta bottles. They would rinse out the bottles, re-fill them with water, and place them on a shelf in our little storage space in the basement.

Yeah, our water storage consisted of rows of pop bottles. That was back in the late 80’s, early 90’s, and it was certainly before emergency preparation became a business. You had to do it all on your own. 

As a kid I had a vague understanding why my parents stored extra supplies, but I thought we would never need it.

Nowadays, though, the need for your own food and water storage looks to be ever more likely. 

Storing food has definitely become easier over the years, and it often takes priority over other preparation necessities.

But what about water? That absolute necessity of life, for which you only last a couple of days without.

When it comes to storing supplies, I have the overall impression that finding a convenient way to build a water supply is more difficult, in terms of space and having enough of it, than food storage.

A lot of water storage systems out there are costly and space consuming. So, what is a cost effective water storage solution that requires minimal space?

The Emergency Zone Solution

We don’t often use our blog to highlight our own products; however, since joining the Emergency Zone crew, I have felt the need to feature one of our unique water storage products. 

Water storage is something I have thought a lot about, because I have neither the means nor the space for a large water tank system in or near my house. 

I know I need to store water, but the issue has always been where and how.

Fortunately Emergency Zone saw the same need, the need for easy and affordable water storage. Not everyone lives in a large enough place for 50 or 100 gallon tanks. 

The folks at Emergency Zone set about brainstorming, and after a minute, possibly two, they found a water storage solution

And they did it…

...they really did it, I tell you. 

The Big Reveal




I know. It doesn’t sound impressive. 

But let me tell you how it works. For this water storage system, you see, works precisely because it is simple, actionable, and is for just about anyone’s living situation.

The Emergency Zone water storage and treatment set contains a double walled, 5 gallon water box, a multi-layered laminated mylar bag to hold the water, and a tube with a water tap attachment for filling the water bag. 

You can fill your water storage right from the kitchen sink. How easy and convenient is that?

Why The Water Box Storage Works

The boxes are easy to store; they don’t use too much space, and they are strong and durable enough for stacking, even when filled with water.

Plus, the five gallon boxes are portable. If you ever need to move water around, share some with others, or simply need to leave, you can easily transport your water storage. Yeah, it might take a little effort, but it’s less strenuous than trying to move a 50 gallon tank of water.

Emergency Zone offers the convenience of 25, 50, or 100 gallon water storage sets. Choose what works best for you.

Not only do the water boxes stack easily, but they have a good shelf life. Without treatment the water will remain good for a year. On the other hand, treating the water will give it a five year shelf life. All it really means is that at some point you’ll just want to replace the water with fresh water.

The layered mylar bags protect the water from outside contaminants and bacteria. And the bags are leak proof,  puncture and tear resistant.

Before I joined the team at Emergency Zone, I had never come across this type of water storage. Yet, when I saw how it all works, I was impressed. The idea of building up a supply of water was actually practical. 

The Answer To My Water Storage Quandary

I may be an employee, but I like to think I can recognize a quality solution to a problem ( and you thought I was going to say quandary again) when I see it. 

“But you work for Emergency Zone and you’re biased,” I hear you say, dear reader. Yeah, it is a fair criticism. However, I honestly think this water storage method could benefit a lot of people, which is our goal --- providing practical emergency solutions to people.

Honestly, though, if you are looking for a way to store water, but you lack the space, then the water storage boxes are a great solution. Sure, you could put a couple of 50 gallon barrels in your house, but then you have to find a way to fill them, and you’ll need some sort of siphon or pump for retrieving the water.

With Emergency Zone’s water boxes you can fill them easily, move them and store them easily, and they have a water spigot for access. 

For storing drinking water inside the house, it’s the method that I personally have told family members of, and the one I plan to use in conjunction with my 100 gallon outdoor tank. Honestly the Water Storage Box is one of the most convenient and cost friendly methods that I have come across.

If you’re looking for a cheap, yet practical water storage method, then visit our website and find out for yourself. You just might be pleasantly surprised and agree that Emergency Zone created a practical water storage solution.

Hope this post has been helpful in presenting another option for water storage. If you have tried out our Water Box Storage system, let us know what you think. We always welcome feedback and strive to improve wherever we can.


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