6 Things My Great Grandparents Taught me About Survival - Cabin Tour (part 4)

6 Things My Great Grandparents Taught me About Survival - Cabin Tour (part 4)

                                                                                       By Jeanette Vale

Our journey with Richard and Emma has come to a close.    

If you have not read the three  issues leading up to this CABIN TOUR, please enjoy those. Click on images below to be taken there.

Family stories are amazing.   Thank you Richard, Emma and children!  I invite you to find one of your ancestors and learn their story. It's quite a trip.

Thank you to those in my family who spent an incredible amount of money in moving this cabin to its present location and restoring it to its present beauty.  The cabin has actually been moved more than once and still stands after 155 years!  They even moved the original stone basement.  They acquired period pieces that fit perfectly in every area of the cabin.  Some of the pieces in the cabin are original to Richard and Emma.

If I have misrepresented any part of  their story, based on bad notes I took at the last reunion, I am sorry and I hope to be corrected.    And now presenting….

A tour of Richard and Emma’s Cabin!

View Here 

And if you’d like to step on, prep on and enjoy the ride 
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Blogs to read before the cabin tour:


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