3 Smart & Comforting Things To do While the Headlines Scare Us!

3 Smart & Comforting Things To do While the Headlines Scare Us!

                                                                                      By Jeanette Vale

War! What is it good for? Absolutely Nothing!  Well sung, Edwin Starr.  

All eyes are on the families fleeing their mother country, the Ukraine. Seeing father’s say goodbye to their wives and children to carry a gun they’ve not been trained to use, yet.  I have never seen or heard of that in my life, we are seeing unprecedented things!

We send our prayers and support to Ukraine!    

The list of surreal atrocities and disasters is long and happening too close together.

What are some of the things you’ve found yourselves doing because of world events? 

Here are my Three:


I am filling all my jars!


Ham and bean soup,

Ham and potato soup,

Ham and split pea.  

That ham was a Christmas gift.  It is so nice to have free meat.  

Next,  I will move on to 

Beef chili,

Beef Pasta Sauce

Beef Seasoned.

Canning is a great skill.  Homemade soups and stews are the best!  

Very delicious dinners are a jar-dump away.   However, they don’t look very appetizing, do they? 

SECOND: I made hard-tack biscuits the other night.  They are very hard.  I could weaponize them. 

“What are you doing on my land?  Take that!”  

I fling a biscuit and the bad guy drops.  I imprinted a flower into each bake–my signature mark. 

 “Um, that was the mailman”.

“Well now he is ‘fleur-de-biscuit-face-mailman’. I am sorry, I took you for a member of the Illuminati”.  

Brandon, Emergency Zone blogger, made pemmican.  A fatty meat treat that can last for many years.  I clapped my hands in joy to hear it.  I had just watched this subject.   Do tell us how that went Brandon!



 THIRD: To be as self-reliant as we can is the best recipe for peace. 

 I started seeds in December, I have windows full of lettuce, and other things I should not have started that early. 

But it feels great to have tried and succeeded.  I wish for you to try things you think you can’t do.  The learning is in the doing and knowledge saves life. 

Confidence and bragging rights come when you add some of your own leaves to the mix!

In the darkest part of January I’d watch the new leaves turn a bright green as the sunlight hit them.  So healing!

Tad checks on the garden for me while I am at work.  How innocent and helpful he looks!  You should see what he does to the rest of the house.  Disasters come in many shapes!

I could watch photosynthesis all day.  The baby plants look so happy to be alive and awake, while three inches of snow blankets everything outside.

Emergency Zone

Through it all, we are still here in quiet Payson, Utah.  We are still helping families get ready for a power outage, a hurricane,  or an evacuation 

From my desk, I see the trains that cross the United States,  The truckers pull in and pull out carrying our kits to your homes.   

I am grateful every time someone does something to get ready.  I am weary of the suffering.  

War, what is it good for?  Absolutely Nothing!

War in the past was a distant thing, the old footage is blurry.  Here is my point:

Now that everyone has a cell phone camera with high definition,  I am literally standing right there on the streets of Ukraine!   Did that tank really just run over a car?!  WHY?!  Lucky the guy lived or I wouldn't have mentioned it.  


Wars will rage.  Bad stuff is happening.   

Even with our best efforts,  we can be uprooted and tossed into the storm, but until such, we can prepare.

In the meantime, Sun-flowers on!  


Step on, Prep on!   Come visit us! www.emergencyzone.com

RECIPE for Hard-Tack Biscuits


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