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Cooking and Fuel

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What People Are Saying:

Emergency Stove
"This is the second stove I have got, Because of the wonderful way the first stove worked and got things warm fast I wanted to have another one around for backup in an emergency.
I plan to get a couple more just so that I have these with me in case I have others join me in an emergency"

James G.

Folding Stove with 24 Fuel Tablets | 22 FEB, 2021

Exactly as advertised in the pic.
"Great quality and I will be using this for the next winter storms in Texas."

Cynthia V.

Box Stove with 5 Fire Disks | 01 MAR, 2021

Easy Use
"Love them and it's simple."

Marrietta R.

StableHeat Fuel Cells - 4 Cans | 10 MAR, 2021