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Fuel Bug out Bags and Survival Kits Businesses and Communities
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Fuel Bug out Bags and Survival Kits Businesses and Communities


At Emergency Zone, fuel stands out as one of the pillars of our research and development. We are always looking for ways to make our products, hotter, safer, more efficient, and money saving. For your long-term food storage and outdoor needs, don't forget the fuel!

Flame Core™ Stove System

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Are you ready to evacuate your home on a moment's notice? Emergency Zone's Bug-out Bags and Survival Kits are built with your needs in mind. They come with essential items to help you survive and enjoy the peace of mind for being prepared. Never let a disaster catch you unprepared!

Businesses and Community Organizations

Prepare Your Workplace

Do you work 8 hours a day? If the answer is “Yes” then you have a 33% chance of encountering an emergency while at work. Whether it’s a hurricane, an earthquake, a tornado, or a fire, invest in the peace of mind today by getting prepared with Emergency Zone’s Office Emergency Kits!

Emergency Zone maintains supplies to ship out 1000 plus kit orders within days. All emergency supplies are shipped directly from our warehouse; we do not contract to drop shippers to fill your orders. That way, we know exactly what we have in stock and can ship immediately. Because of our large purchasing volume, we keep our costs down and pass the savings on to our customers. For your convenience we accept purchase orders. To request a quote, click here or call 866-558-5278


Prepare Your Community

Emergency Zone is a great resource for Municipalities, HOAs, and Community Emergency Response Teams (CERTS). Our office kits are not just for offices; they are well suited for any community of people. Our school kits are a child-oriented alternative.

Kits and Supplies

Schools Emergency Supplies by Category

The chance is very high that your children will be at school during an emergency, and they will have to look to the staff for basic necessities. Make sure your classroom is prepared with these supplies!