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Picture This

It's 3:00am and an evacuation alarm sounds. Everyone is groggy, but you know you need to get your family to safety. You run to the closet and grab your family's emergency kit; luckily, you were prepared.

A whimper from the living room reminds you of the one family member you forgot; your precious pet. It's only now you realize though your human family is prepared, you furry little loved one is not. Your kids are in the car crying, and your wife is comforting them. You have no time to get any supplies for your pet. You scoop him up and run the frightened pet to the car.

Little do you know, your city's evacuation shelter, like many, only allows service animals. There is no option, you kiss your pet and leave him outside hoping he can fend for himself.

It doesn't have to be like this.

The future is unknown, and when an emergency strikes, it is too late to prepare. Don't be wishing you had done something in the middle of a crisis.
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Your pets have very specific and sometimes different needs than you and your family. What you have in your Bug-out Bag may be adequate for you and your family, but may not be what your pet needs. We carry various products and kits to make Pet Preparedness a piece of cake!