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Backpacks & Containers

Choosing the right pack / container for your emergency supply is just as important as having the supplies. We have a variety of options for effectively storing your emergency supply, whether you are bugging out or hunkering down at home.

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Stealth Tactical Backpack Stealth Tactical Backpack
Price: USD $119.99
Sale Price: USD $79.99
Plastic Case Plastic Case
Price: USD $11.99
Red 5 Gallon Bucket Red 5 Gallon Bucket
Price: USD $7.99
Oversized Fanny Pack Oversized Fanny Pack
Price: USD $6.99
Large Nylon Bag Large Nylon Bag
Price: USD $5.99
Small Nylon Bag Small Nylon Bag
Price: USD $2.99
Waterproof Pouch Waterproof Pouch
Price: USD $2.49