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Office 10 Person Kit
Office 10 Person Kit

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  • Employees: Disasters can strike at any time. Don’t be caught without sufficient supplies. PROTECT your employees. Be prepared. Their families deserve to have them return home.
  • Food and Water: This kit contain USA made SOS brand FOOD and WATER, US Coast Guard approved for a 5 YEAR SHELF LIFE.
  • Sanitation: Sanitation is something that can often be overlooked in an emergency situation, but it can make all the difference. You can make an uncomfortable situation a bit more comfortable with the help of the included sanitation items.
  • Communication and Warmth: Loss of power happens, and with that the warmth starts to fall away. Don’t be caught unable to communicate with the outside world, or have hypothermic employees. Included in this kit are ways for you to communicate, see, and stay warm.


Food and Water

  • (5x) 2400 Calorie Food Bars
  • (30x) 4.2oz Water Pouches
  • (1x) Collapsible 8L Water Container
  • (1x) Water Purification Kit


  • (1x) 5 Gallon Bucket
  • (1x) Honey Bucket Toilet Seat
  • (1x) Eco Gel Pack
    • Each pack contains 10 stick packs
  • (1x) Roll of 10 Toilet Liners
  • (1x) Biohazard Bag
  • (1x) Toilet Paper Roll
  • (1x) 1 Gallon Zip Lock Bag
  • (1x) Pair of Gloves

Light and Communication

  • (1x) 4-in-1 Dynamo/Radio/USB Charger/Flashlight
  • (1x) Flashlight
  • (5x) 8 Hour Lightsticks

First Aid

  • (1x) 175 Pc Deluxe First Aid Kit
  • (10x) N95 Masks

Shelter and Warmth

  • (10x) Mylar Emergency Blankets
  • (5x) Emergency Rain Ponchos
  • (1x) Tube Tent
  • (1x) 10 Yards of Duct Tape
  • (1x) 6x8' Tarp
  • (1x) Plastic Sheet
  • (1x) Waterproof Matches
  • (1x) 6 Pack Candle


  • (2x) Signal Whistles
  • (1x) Pry Bar
  • (1x) Multi-tool Knife
  • (1x) Pair of Work Gloves
  • (1x) Emergency Preparedness Guide
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How to Use Eco Gel
Securing the Honeybucket Toilet Seat to a Bucket