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Buildings crumble, families are separated, and help can seem like it will never come. While you can't control when or if an earthquake strikes, you can control what you do today. You deserve to have peace of mind, don't wait to get prepared.

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earthquake survival kit 2 Person Deluxe Quake Pack
Price: USD $199.99
Sale Price: USD $179.99
earthquake survival kit 2 Person Basic Quake Pack
Price: USD $119.99
Sale Price: USD $99.99
Personal Earthquake Evacuation Upgrade Your Kit Personal Earthquake Evacuation Kit
Price: USD $34.99
Sale Price: USD $29.99
4-in-1 Emergency Tool 4 in 1 Emergency Tool
Price: USD $15.99
15 Inch Pry Bar 15 Inch Pry Bar
Price: USD $3.99

Why You Should Prepare for Earthquakes

  1. Unpredictable: Earthquakes can happen any time and day of the year. Earthquakes don’t care if your family is together, or if your child is at school. They may be relatively short, but the damage caused is devastating.
  2. On Your Own: Depending on the magnitude of the disaster, it can take a while for relief agencies to help. After the disaster occurs, emergency response lines tend to be busy, and that is why it is important to have a plan in case these resources are unavailable to you.
  3. Chaos: Earthquakes tend to cause secondary disasters like floods, fires, and falling debris. During this time injuries are common.
Our Earthquake Kits were designed with situations like these in mind. Your safety is our number one priority.