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StableHeat Fuel Storage Set - 30 Day Supply with Stove
StableHeat Fuel Storage Set - 30 Day Supply with Stove

Price: USD $99.99



In an emergency, your supply of long-term food storage is only effective if you have a way to cook it. Although there are foods that can be reconstituted by adding water, nothing calms the soul and provide relief from the stress and commotion of an emergency like a hot meal. But storing an adequate supply of fuel to match your food storage can be expensive, bulky, and depending on the fuel type, it can even be dangerous. Emergency Zone's StableHeat Fuel Cell uses a clean burning fuel that allows both indoor and outdoor use, and because it doesn't include alcohol, butane, or other types of gas, it is considered non-hazardous for shipping and absolutely safe for long-term storage.

  • Totals up to 96 hours of cook time (30 days+ at 1 hour/meal)
  • Non-hazardous and safe for long-term storage
  • Liquid + Wick system provide constant heat until the very end
  • 4-wick design provides plenty of heat for cooking (not just keeping warm)
  • Resealable lid for multiple uses